(Clearwisdom.net) After studying the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party a few times, I had new understandings of the reasons why some Dafa practitioners are being arrested and persecuted.

In the article "Teaching the Fa at the Western US International Fa Conference," Teacher said,

"Currently the largest, most obvious type of interference is the work of the evil specter of the malevolent Party. Especially now, when other evil things have been eliminated to the point that few remain, what stands out is the work of the evil factors of the malevolent Party. The varieties of interference and persecution that take place today stem from this. So you need to recognize and address them seriously and eliminate them."

In the article "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World", Teacher said,

"In addition, only when Dafa disciples are able to clearly recognize it for what it is, purge it from their minds and no longer let it interfere with their thinking, can they have stronger righteous thoughts and do well what Dafa disciples should do; it is a step in cultivation that you have to take."

There is a saying, "Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat." Therefore, it is extremely important to clearly recognize the true nature of the communist evil spirit.

I often think that at present, when the evil is nearly extinguished and the Fa rectification is close to its end, why is there still severe persecution and so many practitioners arrested? How can the evil plots succeed? After I studied The Nine Commentaries several times, I suddenly came to some understandings. In the years when the CCP was so weak that only one battle was needed to completely exterminate it, how was it able to turn around and overthrow the government of the Republic of China and capture the regime? It relied on its nine inherited traits: evil, deceit, incitement, unleashing the dregs of society, espionage, robbery, fighting, elimination, and control. Among these, "espionage" left me with a deep impression. The Communist party is good at espionage. These are common phenomena in those areas that suffer severe persecution. Practitioners were relatively weak in these areas, leaving many gaps, and the evil was able to form a strong field. In fact, the CCP successfully took advantage of the practitioners' human minds and attachments by using the method of espionage. In the early years, the CCP attached itself to the National Revolution. Similarly, now it has attached itself to the separations among practitioners, expanding their own influence and controlling the practitioners for their own uses. Thus, after a long period of time, there were some loopholes in the one body and the spies took advantage of the weak point and thus made the evil's plot of strengthening the persecution a success.

The above is my personal understanding after reading The Nine Commentaries. I hope that fellow practitioners can clearly recognize the true nature of the communist evil spirit, cultivate themselves well and not allow this evil to control them unintentionally.

One more thing, everyone might have already noticed that the persecution in each region is generally cyclical. This is part of the CCP's habit of killing people. In The Nine Commentaries, it states that killing is not its purpose, but creating terror is its goal. Also, the purpose of periodic persecution was to create terror so that you could not do the three things well. If we all can clearly discern the evils' goal, not be moved by temporary phenomena, and do the three things well as Dafa practitioners by working even harder, the evil will destroy itself.