(Clearwisdom.net) I am 66 years old this year. I am a housewife and was born and grew up in a farming village. Several years ago, my husband died of gastric cancer shortly after he retired. The family's financial situation suddenly became very tight.

In early 2004, I lost my appetite for all food. At the beginning I just did not feel like eating. Later, I could not eat at all, and anything I ate would make me throw up. Even a sip of water would make me vomit. I was in a predicament. With no money to see a doctor, I dared not go to the hospital. I went to the local drugstore for medicine, but my condition didn't improve.

This illness tortured me for months, and I became skinny and weak. It was also very stressful psychologically. One day in July 2004, I went to visit my friend. She said I looked bad and was too skinny. She encouraged me to have confidence and determination to fight the illness. Meanwhile, she confided in me that she also suffered all kinds of health problems before, but after learning Falun Dafa, her whole body became very healthy and comfortable.

I asked her to show me the book Zhuan Falun. I finished reading the whole book that day, and felt so comfortable. I ate a Chinese pancake and several pieces of watermelon, and then went home. I dreamed of Teacher Li standing in front of me in golden clothing. He pointed at my neck and said three times, "Open, open, open."

After I woke up, I remembered the whole dream very clearly, and I felt so hungry. I cooked a very large bowl of noodle soup and ate it all. I was very surprised that I could eat so much in two short hours.

After I went home, I continued studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. Now I feel so good physically, and I understand in my heart that only Falun Dafa can save people. Cultivation is the only path for me to take.