(Clearwisdom.net) In the process of looking inside and getting rid of my attachments, I realized that focusing on righteousness, treating myself as a genuine practitioner, following the requirements of the Fa and getting rid of attachments are righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Only by doing these things can I meet the standard of a genuine practitioner. I wrote this short experience report to share what I've recently enlightened to.

It's been more than nine years since I obtained the Fa, and during that time I've been constantly studying the Fa and cultivating myself. Although I've made it past some barriers, I still didn't have a clear understanding of how to cultivate myself, and I wasn't clear about our cultivation method.

On my path, falling down and getting back up have always been part of my cultivation. I once told another practitioner that when the persecution began on July 20, 1999, I was pretty good, and was able to treat myself as a practitioner. It wasn't long, however, before I began to fall short and was no longer able to maintain the proper attitude. I also encountered the same problem in my daily life.

Examining this situation, I tried to understand it from a Fa perspective, and tried to find the cause of the problem. Suddenly, I realized the reason was that I hadn't been thinking of myself as a genuine practitioner. Whenever there's a problem, it's a test to find out whether we can maintain our xinxing and act from the basis of the Fa. In cultivation, it should be that one lets go of their bad things and becomes righteous, but I was following the trends and had an ordinary person's attitude, which caused me to act improperly.

Ever since I realized my shortcomings and redoubled my efforts to treat myself as a genuine practitioner, I was able to look inside in every circumstance, identify the cause of my attachments, and view things based on the Fa. It seemed that I'd mastered part of the cultivation method. Once I got into a conflict with my husband, because he was playing a game and I was busy preparing a meal. I felt a bit unbalanced. I thought to myself that I worked so hard every day and he never expressed any appreciation; on the contrary, he would say I wasn't doing well, nor would he admit that we practitioners are good people. So I made a few comments about his poor attitude and planned to leave some dirty dishes in the sink for him to wash. However, because I really wanted to treat myself as a genuine practitioner, I calmed down and thought about how to keep my heart pure. Looking at the dirty dishes, I suddenly realized that I was jealous.

I recalled listening to Teacher's Fa lecture in Dalian earlier that morning. Teacher had talked about jealousy, but it seemed that I didn't want to get rid of it. Then I strengthened my main consciousness, pointed at the dishes and said to myself: Today I must use you (the dirty dishes) to get rid of my attachment to jealousy. So I decided I would do all of the housework. Once I had that thought, my husband unexpectedly came over on his own initiative and said he wanted to help me with the housework. Then I realized that the whole situation had been provided to me so I could get rid of my attachment. The same applies to other situations in other environments. We can't make excuses to cover up our attachments. In fact, my fellow practitioners have all shared similar experiences. For me, I truly enlightened to it because of Teacher's hints and help from my fellow practitioners. After talking with the other practitioners, I realized that nothing is small in cultivation, so I wrote this experience article to share with others in the hope that it can help them. Let's improve together with Master's guidance and protection. Please kindly point out any misunderstandings I might have.