(Clearwisdom.net) The Ranghu Road Police Substation was established in March of 2005. Currently, there are about 103 policemen who work at the station, making it the city's substation with the most police officers. In its short period of existence, the substation has already acted outside the law in arresting and harassing Falun Gong practitioners.

On the afternoon of June 3, 2005, two police cars blocked the entrance to Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Zibiao's home. After Mr. Wang refused to open the door, the police told a woman from the community to deceive him into opening the door. The policemen then forced their way into his home, ransacked it and detained Mr. Wang. An hour later, the police used the same trick to break into Ms. Wang Shuzhen's home, ransacked it and seized her personal belongings. At that time, Ms. Wang was not at home and escaped arrest. Her husband, however, was illegally arrested and sent to the Longfeng Detention Center.

Also on June 3, practitioners Ms. Wang Yuhua, Ms. Yuan Lixue, and Ms. Mou Yongxia were arrested when they went to visit Shi Fu. Ms. Mou Yongxia's handbag, other personal belongings and cash were confiscated by the police.

At around 2 a.m. on June 4, Ms. Mou was sent to the Daqing Detention Center and tortured. As a result of the torture, she had black and blue marks all over her body and had difficulty turning over in bed due to the pain, especially severe pain in the chest. The prison guards incited a group of inmates to drag her down from bed and put her into an "iron cage." Ms. Mou was locked in the cage for two days and one night. During this period of time, she lost consciousness for nearly ten hours and was on the verge of death. Ms. Mou Yongxia now suffers from bouts of dizziness and heart palpitations. She constantly needs help from friends and relatives. The policemen refused to return her belongings, including the money they confiscated. They claimed, "Her handbag, money and other personal belongings were confiscated as evidence of a crime."

The Ranghu Road Police Substation also repeatedly harassed Ms. Xing Yuzhen because she practices Falun Gong. The police frequently went to Ms. Xing's home, harassed her family and tried to arrest her. To avoid further persecution and arrest, Ms. Xing was forced to leave home and live somewhere else. Her husband, Mr. Jiang Nianxiang, was imprisoned for his belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." Her mother-in-law, not able to bear the enormous pressure from the constant harassment, passed away. Ms. Xing's young child was forced to leave home and move from place to place. The cruel persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin and the CCP has once again torn a happy family apart.

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Gao Shuqin was tortured to death in 2004 by the former Ranghu Road Police Sub-bureau. Her husband, Mr. Li Ling, was imprisoned for being a practitioner and was released at the end of March 2005. Soon after his release, the police went to his home to harass him. His daughter, however, refused to open the door.

The Ranghu Road Police Substation directed other police forces, including the criminal police department, and employed more than 70 people in the community to keep surveillance on Falun Dafa practitioners. On September 23, the Ranghu Road Police Substation mobilized the community, the national security police, and the criminal police force to arrest Ms. Cao Shuxia. They also confiscated all the valuables they could find, including a computer that belonged to Ms. Cao's child, her husband's video camera, printer and telephone, cash, and bank deposit certificates. Ms. Cao was then detained in a detention center where the guards tortured her at will.

Since its establishment six months ago, the Ranghu Road Police Substation has not stopped its persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. Their acts of ransacking homes, arresting practitioners and raiding their property have seriously violated the citizens' rights of residence and property, and Article 13 of the Chinese Constitution, which stipulates that the country protects the ownership of legitimate property. They have also violated the following articles of China's criminal law: illegal search in Article 245, maltreating detainees in Article 248, illegally depriving the citizens' right of belief in Article 251, misuse of authority in Article 397, bending the law to practice favoritism in Article 399, willful injury in Article 234 and illegal detention in Article 238. The Ranghu Road Police Sub-department has also violated the Administrative Punishment Law and the People's Police Law.

Daqing City Police Department:

Cao Liwei, Head of the Department: 86-459-6371699

Cao Zhenhe, Political Commissar: 86-459-6373066, 86-459-6280888(Home),

Lin Guoli, Deputy Director: 86-459-6375026, 86-459-6986708(Home),

Liang Ximing, Deputy Director: 86-459-6390005, 86-459-6390988(Home),
86-13329500004 (Cell)

Wei Chunhua, Deputy Director: 86-459-6398889, 86-459-6381983(Home),
86-13329500005 (Cell)

Hao Dejiang, Deputy Director: 86-459-6375029, 86-459-6381516(Home),
86-13329500006 (Cell)

Liu Yong, Deputy Director: 86-459-6374899, 86-459-6292999(Home),
86-13329500007 (Cell)

Lan Yingjie, Deputy Director: 86-459-6688059, 86-459-6689098(Home),
86-13329500008 (Cell)

Wang Chunru, Director of the Political Section: 86-459-6368499,
86-459-4688828(Home), 86-13329500009(Cell)

Gao Zhenpo, Director of the General Office: 86-459-6683926(Home),
86-13329390299 (Cell)

Daqing City Security Bureau:

Lin Zhisheng, Head: 86-459-6281231, 86-459-6688448(Home),

Wang Xiyan, Party Secretary: 86-459-6181232, 86-459-4611878(Home),

Zhang Wanyu, Deputy Director: 86-459-6181233, 86-459-6362878(Home),

Kang Jinlong, Deputy Director: 86-459-6181234, 86-459-6283599(Home),

Zhang Wendong, Deputy Director: 86-459-6181235, 86-459-6286716(Home),

Ranghu Road Police Sub-department:

Song Baifeng, Head: 86-459-6131839(Home), 86-13329504002,

Yu Baogui, Political Commissar: 86-459-6292668(Home),

Zhang Fuming, Deputy Director: 86-459-4515599(Home),

Liang Chenli, Deputy Director: 86-459-6303458(Home), 86-13936711177(Cell),
Wang Hengkuai, Deputy: 86-459-6132019(Home), 86-13009906117(Cell),
Fax: 86-459-6181250

Daqing City Government Leaders:

Gai Ruyin, Party Secretary: 86-459-6181833, 86-459-4601833(Home),
86-459-6104941(Home), 86-13304500260(Cell)

Han Xuejian, Mayor: 86-459-6186779, 86-459-6181228(Home),
Han Keyan, Standing Deputy Mayor: 86-459-6181097, 86-459-4607676,
86-459-5998518(Home), 86-13604659306(Cell)

Li Yongku, Deputy Mayor: 86-459-6581059, 86-459-4601059,

86-459-6377722(Home), 86-13039833033(Cell)

Cui Qiang, Deputy Mayor: 86-459-6186190, 86-459-4689590,
86-459-6395056(Home), 86-13804680568(Cell)

Wang Hongen, Deputy Mayor: 86-459-6185199, 86-459-4671596,
86-459-6188565(Home), 86-13936796666(Cell)

Tian Fengchun, Deputy Mayor: 86-459-6392628, 86-459-4605770,

86-459-6199880(Home), 86-13945997880(Cell)

Tian Liying, Deputy Mayor: 86-459-6186755, 86-459-4689577,
86-459-6199733(Home), 86-13604897733(Cell)

Shen Hongyu, Deputy Mayor: 86-459-6361606, 86-459-6368029(Home),

Daqing City Legal System Office:

Huang Guirong, Director: 86-459-4665697, 86-459-6371157(Home),

Zhang Liqun, Deputy Director: 86-459-6396832, 86-459-6281357(Home),
Ruan Fucheng, Deputy Director: 86-459-4666085, 86-459-6388763(Home),

Fax: 86-459-6392015

The Political and Legal Committee of Daqing City Party Committee:

Li Dong, Deputy Party Secretary: 86-459-6392011, 86-459-6387336(Home),

Wang Gui, Deputy Party Secretary: 86-459-6372469, 86-459-6381758(Home),

Ranghu Road District Party Committee:

Han Wenda, Party Secretary: 86-459-5581036, 86-459-6331888(Home),

Guan Yupu, Deputy Party Secretary:86-459-6332322, 86-459-6289808(Home),

Qu Huibo, Deputy Party Secretary: 86-459-5596432, 86-459-4669691(Home),

Fax: 86-459-5595650

Ranghu Raod District Government:

Wu Guolin, Head: 86-459-5580012, 86-459-6726777(Home),

Wang Yongxiang, Deputy Director: 86-459-5099876, 86-459-5964388(Home),

Gao Sumin, Deputy Director: 86-459-5596088, 86-459-5105808(Home),

Han Chuanyong, Deputy Director: 86-459-5098293, 86-459-6787508(Home),

Zhao Zhongmin, Deputy Director: 86-459-5089578, 86-459-5980686(Home),

Liu Yanjun, Deputy Director: 86-459-5095018, 86-459-6683956,

Fax: 86-459-5596294