(Clearwsidom.net) In Handan Forced Labor Camp, many illegally detained practitioners are being brutally tortured, devastating both their bodies and minds.

At around 9.30 a.m. on the morning of May 9, 2005, a large-scale meeting was held, where practitioners were ordered to criticize Falun Dafa. Seeing this, practitioner Mr. Bao Jige immediately tore up the "Criticizing Falun Dafa" book and firmly said, "I have benefited greatly from Falun Dafa, and I will never criticize it." The police then began beating Mr. Bao Jige. Mr. Bao was handcuffed to the bed, with his body hanging down and feet dangling above the ground. The officers then used electric batons and other means to torture him. During the torture, Mr. Bao vomited large amounts of blood. The torture lasted until 8 p.m. that night, and since then, Mr. Bao Jige's right forearm has been paralyzed. Mr. Bao's family members requested to visit him on several occasions, but their requests were all denied.

Those who took part in the persecution included Xing Yansheng, Yao Jianming, Wang Zhiming, Li Haiming, Gao Fei and others.

On July 16, 2005, practitioner Mr. Dou Pingjun, who was formerly an excellent schoolteacher, was severely tortured in the storage room for refusing to sign the "Four Statements" (same as the Three Statements, but with an "Acknowledgement of Guilt Statement"). Officers Liu Haibo, Wang Hailin and Zhao Wen initially abused him physically before proceeding to shock him with electric batons. Even after the electric batons ran out of batteries, they refused to stop and continued to beat him. The torture went from 10 a.m. until 3 a.m. the next day. On July 24 at around 9 p.m., when Mr. Dou Pingjun was sent to solitary confinement in the fifth squadron, he was again brutally tortured by police officers Xing Yansheng, Liu Chaobo and Wang Hailin. They also used electric batons to torture him and tried to force him to sign the Four Statements again. This lasted until 11 p.m. The torture caused Mr. Dou's heart disease and hypertension to recur, but even after this, they still refused to allow his family to bail him out on the basis of his medical needs.

On August 31, 2005, after practitioner Cheng Wendong was forced to watch a movie that defamed Falun Dafa, Cheng refused to write down his "reflections on the movie" as required by the police. As a result, he was beaten by police officer Wang Zhiming and others. They tore his clothes and used several electric batons to shock him.

On September 17, 2005, after practitioner Dong Anzhang experienced some pain in his legs and wanted to squat down for a while, he severely beaten up by police officer Wang Zhiming. This made his left ear deaf and caused him to defecate in his trousers.

On September 23, 2005, practitioner Li Guanqi refused to write defamatory statements against Falun Dafa and was consequently summoned by police officer Wang Zhiming. Wang used electric batons to shock his nipples, stomach and the corners of his eyes. Police officers Zhang Wenshan, Li Haiming and six others also took part in the persecution. They beat Li Guanqi for more than two hours, covering his body with bruises.

On October 7, 2005, practitioner Huang Yunzhang was severely tortured by police officers Li Haiming and Yao Jianming for officially declaring that his Four Statements were null and void. They punished him by having him stand for hours and repeatedly slapping his face.

Practitioner Wang Zhiwu was handcuffed by officer Gao Fei for nearly 6 hours, and when he was handcuffed, he was also badly beaten to the extent that he lost two of his teeth. On October 9, Wang was forced to stand for hours and severely beaten for refusing to write defamatory statements against Falun Dafa. He was also physically abused for not singing a song as instructed on October 13, 2005.

This is but a small sample of the persecution of practitioners in Handan Forced Labor Camp. Police officer Gao Fei would often say, "A soldier is meant to kill, and a police officer is meant to beat people up." Police officer Li Haiming said, "All those electric batons that we have are not meant for display. Police batons, small solitary cells, the Tiger Bench and handcuffs are all meant to be used."

Recently, Gao Fei has been traveling to many other parts of China. On September 12, 2005, six practitioners from Tangshankaiping Forced Labor Camp were transferred to Handan Forced Labor Camp. On October 10, 2005, there were another six practitioners from Gaoyang that were transferred to Handan Forced Labor Camp. These practitioners were quickly subjected to the same persecution.

Police officer Wang Zhiming is brutal in beating people. He and his gang are doing their utmost to force practitioners to give up their beliefs so that they will receive a large bonus.

Meanwhile, the labor camp has been recognized as one of "China's Most Civilized Work Units."

Hebei Province, Handan City Forced Labor Camp,

Switchboard: 86-310-4010037, 86-310-4010707.

Address: 5 Handan City (Handan Forced Labor Camp), Postal code: 056039.

Party Secretary and Forced Labor Camp Chief, Zheng Guixiu: 86-310-4010707-8001 86-13803293068(Cell).

Forced Labor Camp, Deputy Chief, Luo Mingquan: 86-310-4010707-8005 86-13903302753(Cell).

Re-education Department Chief, Ma Jianzhen: 86-310-4010707-8106.

Intense Transformation Squad (in charge of persecuting practitioners): 86-310-4010707-8312.

Intense Transformation Squad, police officers: Yao Jianming, Gao Jinli, Wang Zhiming, Zuo Tao, Li Haiming, Hao Changjiang, Xing Yansheng, Qi Xiaojian, Liu Chaobo, Zhang Wenshan and Gao Fei

Intense Transformation Squad Chief: Zhang Xiuping