In the past, I didn't read, or even care to read, many of my fellow practitioners' personal cultivation experiences. I thought it was waste of time. Instead I spent more time reading Master's teachings. Lately I have been reading more experience sharing articles in addition to studying Master's teachings. I have realized that reading these personal experiences is a supplement to Fa study. As practitioners become more mature, their personal cultivation experiences have more insights that further enlighten us. Just like in Master's teaching "Mature:"

"The papers mostly involve rationally analyzing and uncovering shortcomings, and they exchange thoughts for the purpose of validating the Fa, reducing losses, helping fellow cultivators to think and act righteously, thinking of ways to help fellow cultivators who are being persecuted, and saving more sentient beings. Gone are the flowery expressions meant for affective show: the papers are full of substance, and they are accurate, clean, and free of human sentiments. They are not something an ordinary person could write, for the inner world of a cultivator is pure and clean."

"This is but one of the feelings I had from reading the online papers shared by the mainland Chinese Dafa disciples. My overall impression is that most Dafa disciples have matured; the way in which they are cultivating has matured; the understanding cultivators have of cultivation has matured; and the rational behavior that comes from a progressive decrease in human thoughts has, likewise, matured. When all Dafa disciples are like this, the evil will be completely eliminated and Gods and Buddhas will grandly manifest."

We each come from different cosmic systems, and each carry the different characteristics of each system. Each practitioner's cultivation path is different, just as his or her understanding of the Fa is also different. The differences among us make our cultivation experiences more varied, which helps to balance each other's needs. Each practitioner's point of view is different, but when summarized as a whole it is complete and all encompassing. Reading articles written by different practitioners will make up for the limitations of each individual's understanding, will break through our stubborn notions, and will help us to understand a broader point of view. This is very helpful for us to study the Fa well and to increase our understanding of the Fa.

I believe that during our cultivation, it is impossible for us to personally experience all of the surroundings in our environment, people, events or things. Master cannot explain everything for us, otherwise what would be left for us to cultivate? It is difficult for us to walk our own path of cultivation without make any mistakes. Master is very compassionate. He made a righteous environment for our fellow practitioners to exchange experiences and to improve, to make up the insufficient part in our cultivation through exchange and discussions through the specific questions we ask, and to enlighten us during cultivation by sharing our experiences. It is beneficial for us to study the Fa well. Reading our fellow practitioners' experience sharing articles are a supplement to studying the Fa. Each experience of Fa rectification from each practitioner is precious. Let us do the three things well, and let us make fewer mistakes during this period of Fa rectification.

I used to have an attachment to time and I was very interested in prophesies. Now I have discovered that the phenomena of celestial change have been unfolding right before my eyes through my fellow practitioners' personal cultivation experiences. We can see the differences in our experience sharing from the early days compared to the present. I have also discovered that others' experiences can constantly prompt us and encourage us, show us how to advance, how to create a righteous environment, and how to ascend to another level. Such changes reflect our progress as Fa-rectification disciples, adapting to changes in the cosmic climate, forging our path as a group under Master's guidance. These changes are what we disciples promoted during the celestial phenomena change under the guidance of Master. The entirety and continuity of our "one body" is reflected and enhanced by our experience sharing. If not for experience sharing and the articles on the Minghui (Clearwisdom) website, we would not know the situation from an individual cultivation standpoint, be it locally or abroad. It would be difficult for us to coordinate our direction during Fa rectification and to cooperate with the changes in the cosmic climate. Experience sharing enables us to progress from individual cultivation to function as one body, connecting and encouraging practitioners all over the world.

I feel that more practitioners need to write their personal cultivation experiences whenever they have the opportunity. It is an important part of Fa rectification. Good articles encourage and prompt fellow practitioners to advance further, even helping some practitioners recover their bearings and return to Dafa; this carries boundless beneficence.

From personal experience, I have found that writing about my own cultivation experiences has helped me to improve myself. We write cultivation articles that involve the implications of the Fa, so the immortal part of us is involved in the writing. Sometimes I can sense the source of that wisdom and can finish an article in one sitting. During the process, I can suddenly understand and acknowledge the Fa that I was not quite clear about in the past, and I can relearn the Fa. It is very beneficial to our cultivation.