(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Dan is a 29-year-old Falun Gong practitioner from Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province. In June 2002, Ms. Liu was forced to leave home due to the vicious persecution. She was arrested at a fellow practitioner's home on October 24, 2005. While detained at the Jixi City Police Department, Ms. Liu was brutally tortured and abused for five days and four nights. Her body became very weak as a result. Ms. Liu is still currently under detention at the Second Detention Center of Jixi City.

On October 24, 2005, Ms. Liu Dan and Ms. Chen Lichun (also a practitioner) were visiting Ms. Liu Shulan, a practitioner from the Technological Division, Jixi City Coal Machinery Factory, when policemen Jiao Yang, Zhang Wei, Wang Weijun, and Chen (first name unknown) from the Jixi City State Security Brigade and Jiguan District Police Department raided Ms. Liu Shulan's home and illegally arrested them. Ms. Liu Dan and Ms. Chen Lichun were taken to the Jiguan District Police Department for interrogation. The police took 8,000 yuan in cash, a certificate of deposit for 10,000 yuan, a bank card with over 10,000 yuan of credit, and a cell phone worth 1,950 yuan from Ms. Liu Shulan's home. They also took more than 700 yuan in cash and an MP3 player worth 550 yuan from Ms. Liu Dan.

Ms. Liu Dan refused to cooperate with the illegal interrogation. As punishment, policeman Wang Weijun handcuffed Ms. Liu's arms behind her back and forced her to stand facing the wall for long periods of time. He also yelled profanities at her. That night, the police handcuffed Ms. Liu's wrists and chained them above her head to the metal door. Her ankles were tied together. They also forced her upper body to bend down. The position was extremely painful. Then Wang tried to force Ms. Liu Dan to stamp her fingerprint on a guarantee statement. Ms. Liu refused to cooperate. Wang then tried to force Ms. Liu to crawl under a stool, which she also refused to do. Wang then tripped Liu Dan, causing her to fall down. Her head hit the floor very hard. Wang tied Ms. Liu's legs together and forced her to bend over with her head next to her legs. He then put a stool on Ms. Liu's back and kept her in this position under the stool for an entire morning.

Policeman Zhang Wei from the Jiguan District Police Department hit Liu Dan's temples several times when Ms. Liu was not guarding herself. Zhang wore heavy shoes and kicked Ms. Liu's face and body. On the afternoon of October 25, Zhang affixed a picture of the founder of Falun Gong to the underside of Liu Dan's shoe using a rubber band. Liu Dan, who has benefited deeply from practicing Falun Dafa and did not want to disgrace the Teacher, took the picture off when Zhang was not paying attention, and hid it behind her back. When Zhang saw that the picture was gone, he used it as an excuse to have a female police officer search Ms. Liu. When the police officer didn't find the picture, Zhang wanted to do the search himself. Ms. Liu refused to allow him to search her, and Zhang tore off two buttons from her jacket. Zhang also threatened to cover the floor with Falun Dafa books, only leaving space for Ms. Liu's two feet (so that she would have to step on Dafa books), in order to disgrace Falun Gong. Liu Dan's family happened to have sent someone to visit Ms. Liu, which interrupted Zhang's evil plan.

On the same evening, when policeman Jiao Yang heard what had happened, he wanted to further humiliate Ms. Liu. He tore open Liu Dan's shirt in front of several other policemen and pinched her stomach with great force. He tried to force her to tell him where she had hidden the picture. Policeman Wang Weijun was helping Jiao Yang. Wang kicked Ms. Liu to the ground, separated her legs, and pushed her face to the ground to beat her. They didn't stop until Jiao Yang found the picture behind Ms. Liu's back.

On the afternoon of October 26, policeman Liu Jiaxue from the Jixi City Police Department asked Liu Dan if she knew Xing Guirong and Xu Chenghua. Ms. Liu Dan refused to answer. Liu Jiaxue, who has had martial arts training, pinched and pressed Liu Dan's acupuncture point near the elbow many times, causing severe physical pain and made her heart beat faster. Liu Dan almost fainted. She said loudly, "Falun Dafa is great!"

A man in his 20s who was with Liu Xuejia used a leather belt to whip Liu Dan's hands. She was beaten to the ground. They then pulled her up by her hair. They forced her to bend down with her head against the wall. At this point, Liu Dan was extremely weak and could not stand up anymore. She fell on the ground several times. The police then pulled her by the hair and used the leather belt to beat her all over her body.

Now Liu Dan has dark bruises all over her body, including her face and hands. She also lost a lot of hair from the beating and pulling.

By the evening of October 26, after two days of continuous torture, Liu Dan was extremely weak. Yet policeman Wang Weijun did not allow her to sleep. He handcuffed her to the radiator with her hands behind her back, until 4 a.m. the next morning.

After the severe beating, Ms. Liu felt sick whenever she saw food. Each day, she only drank a little water. On October 27, a driver surnamed Xie from the local police station bought a drink called "Ji Huo" and tried to force Ms. Liu to drink it. Liu Dan refused by closing her mouth. The drink spilled on Ms. Liu's clothes. Later, they brought milk and tried to force it down Ms. Liu's throat by holding her nose closed. The milk also spilled on Ms. Liu's clothes. They gave up after several tries.

Among the people who beat Liu Dan, Liu Jiaxue and the man with him were the most vicious and cruel. The other four policemen, including Jiao Yang, not only actively participated in the persecution of Falun Gong, but also took a leading role. They used violence to torture Liu Dan, a petite woman. However, Liu Dan maintained her righteous faith in Falun Dafa and refused to cooperate with the police's unreasonable requests and illegal interrogation.

Although Liu Dan was tortured for five days and four nights at the Jixi City Police Department, she didn't cooperate with the evil police and never told them her name and address. To justify her detention, the police lied and said that Ms. Liu was under an arrest warrant from the Ministry of Public Security. Although Liu Dan didn't tell the police anything, she was detained at the Second Detention Center of Jixi City. She is now very weak as a result of the severe abuse.

In addition, practitioners Ms. Liu Shulan and Ms. Chen Lichun have been on a hunger strike to protest their illegal detention at the Second Detention Center of Jixi City. The details of their treatment are still under investigation. Ms. Zhao Chunying, a practitioner from Jixi City Hengshan District, was sent to the Second Detention Center of Jixi City on April 17, 2003 and died within one month from torture. Her body was full of wounds and was shocking to see.

We urge all kind-hearted people to pay close attention to this matter, stop the persecution of Liu Dan and rescue her so she can return home.

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