(Clearwisdom.net) On September 27, 2005, two Dafa practitioners, Cai Lianbao and another person illegally detained in the Second Division of the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp could not stand any more brutal tortures and escaped while they were working in the yard of the camp. The camp guards soon caught them both. One was captured at Wangtun and the other was caught at Shenlitun. The guards in the Second Division then subjected the two practitioners to retaliatory persecution. At this point, they are locked in separate cells and their conditions are unknown.

According to one source, on the morning of September 27, Zhang Haiping, the director of the camp, instructed the Second Division guards to have the practitioners work in the yard, where the two had the chance to escape. Those practitioners had been consistently brutalized both physically and mentally, and they were in very poor condition. The camp not only did not provide any medical treatment, but also refused to let relatives take their loved ones to be treated outside of the camp. Under orders from Director Zhang Haiping and Deputy Director Li Fenglin, Second Division Head Bai Jinlong and Political Commissioner Li Songtao forced practitioners to make Christmas garlands, which were sold overseas and profited the guards. If anyone did not obey their orders, torture or a term-extension would be the punishment.

Several practitioners were brutally persecuted in 2005. Guards Li Songtao and Zhang Chunfen tightened Mr. Cai Lianba's legs in a lotus position using two bed sheets linked together, and then pushed it backward so that it became very tight. Mr. Cai was forced to stay in this position for three hours. He was not allowed to sleep day or night. The guards had criminal inmates Feng Ying, Pan Xuehai and Zhang Tiejun beat Mr. Chai harshly and then sent him to a brainwashing class. Practitioner Wang Zhigang was tortured by the same method several times. One day in July of 2005, a criminal inmate brutally beat practitioner Liu Chen in a room under the direction of Guard Bai Jinlong. Even today, Mr. Liu cannot stand up and needs assistance to go to the bathroom. Back then, however, when Mr. Liu was being beaten, Bai Jinlong ordered Mr. Liu to walk. If he could not, he was beaten again. Bai screamed at Mr. Liu, "Yes, we beat you and persecute you, but you cannot do anything, can you?"

Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp's guards, led by Zhang Haiping, follow Jiang's regime closely and persecute Dafa practitioners. For years, in order to "transform" them, they have continued persecuting practitioners who simply believe in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." They have used many brutal methods of torture, such as: tying a victim to the bed; sleep deprivation; sitting on a metal chair for a long time; hanging, electric shock; being hung up with the hands shackled behind the back; handcuffing in a one position for a long time; sitting in a lotus position on wooden sticks; hitting the ankles and joints with a clothes hanger; burning fingers, toes, or feet with cigarettes; hearing loud noises through headphones; knocking the helmet with a stick; gagging with a dirty mop; and wiping the mouth with dirty toilet paper. (Many of the above tortures have been reported previously.) This persecution has continued at Jinzhou Labor Camp for more than six years. Practitioners Shi Zhongyan and Xao Pen died from the persecution at the labor camp. The people involved in the persecution still get away with murder and unlawful activities still continue.

Jinzhou Labor Camp

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