(Clearwisdom.net) I knew several people in Mainland China. Not only did these people come to know Dafa early, they could even recite the text of Zhuan Falun paragraph by paragraph. They follow and pay close attention to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website each day. Their intentions and motives in researching Falun Dafa, however, are not good. They are not practitioners. They follow the websites and study Falun Dafa with the malicious objective of identifying so-called "loopholes" to be used to vilify Dafa. These people are currently very active in China. They are the honored guests of the 610 Office and active members of the so-called "anti-cult society." They operate domestically as well as internationally. The opinions they have expressed are extremely consistent.

A lot of practitioners that know them continuously get mixed up in their personal feelings and treat them as practitioners "enlightening along an evil path." The practitioners thereby waste their precious time and energy trying to clarify the truth to these malicious people whenever they come into contact with them.

Frankly speaking, these malicious people should not be treated and regarded as practitioners. In reality, these people know more and have had more first hand knowledge and access to all of the available truth clarification material. But they have refused to exercise their righteousness and conscience to evaluate the matter. They do not want to know what Dafa truly is. They've buried themselves in their world of personal fame, fortune and cleverness. Willing to destroy their own lives, they have through their actions persistently and continuously made such choices over the last few years.

As I understand it, even if they could stop, considering their long-term association with the evil forces for so many years, the damage and suffering that they have caused to so many Dafa practitioners and the sins that they have committed are irreparable.

At this time, the old forces protected their existence and survival under the pretext of using them to test Dafa disciples' cultivation. Our time for truth clarification and cultivation are so precious. There are so many savable sentient beings waiting to hear the truth from us and be saved, and we are wasting our valuable time clarifying the truth without achieving anything. Isn't this what they want to do? To distract, contradict and confuse our thoughts with their warped mentalities and crooked reasoning! Among ordinary people, they think they are very "accomplished" and reputable. (Wang Zhigang and the like are perfect examples and forerunners in slandering Dafa.)

Because a lot of practitioners do not understand their true nature, I am writing this article to expose their viciousness so that everyone can distinguish the truth. In 2003, at the Fa conference in Atlanta Master said,

"Of course, there are those that absolutely can't be saved, since they've gone all the way over to the opposite side. That kind of person no longer has anything righteous, and when you talk to him he can't accept it since whenever he accepts a little bit, a little bit of him has to be destroyed--whenever he accepts a little bit, a little bit of him is destroyed. If he completely accepts it, then he's completely destroyed, because he is evil."(Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference)

In this final stage of Fa rectification cultivation, we Dafa disciples should be rational, clearly understand the evil, grasp every conceivable opportunity to save the world's savable beings, and provide help and assistance to our fellow practitioners that are falling behind because of various obstacles or their fear of stepping forward to validate the Fa.