(Clearwisdom.net) Known as a "Ministry Level Civilized Labor Camp," the Women's Forced Labor Camp in Shanxi Province (Xindian Women's Forced Labor Camp) has persecuted Dafa practitioners since July 20, 1999. The police there have colluded with the 610 Office, the police station, the prosecutor, the legislative districts, the courts, the National People's Congress, and other organizations. Inside the prison, they have incited criminals to subject the inmates to all kinds of excruciating tortures and mental torment in their attempts to "reform" the practitioners. What follows are some of the criminal acts that have been committed at this facility.

This camp is also called the Xindian Women's Forced Labor Camp. Most of the women Dafa practitioners from the province were held at this location and were subjected to forced labor. The camp is located at Xindian Street #5 in the Xinghualing District, Hengshan Street, Xindian Road, Taiyuan City. The camp supports approximately 60 police guards and approximately 500 detainees. Currently, 46 of the detainees are practitioners. Over the past six years, approximately 500 female Dafa practitioners from Shanxi Province have been illegally detained here. They were persecuted with savage physical abuse and mental torment.

In February 2005, some of the practitioners who were abused and mistreated wrote to the provincial department to sue the Xindian Forced Labor Camp guards and criminals who ganged up on practitioners. Incredibly, the political officials handed the lawsuit letter over to the police guards named in the suit, making the guards even more aggressive. Guard chief Meng Hao (female), political head Liu Zhongmei (female), guard Chen Chunxiang (female), guard Lei Hongzhen (female) and others, gathered the 12 practitioners whom they suspected to have written the letter together and made them stand for 24 hours. In the meantime, there were verbal abuse, threats, extended work time, reduced rest periods and other abuses.

Heartbroken and brainwashed, the spirit collapses

The camp guards frequently exchange information with the outside police on how to maximize the physical and mental abuse of practitioners in an attempt to destroy their will. Incessant exposure to slander and rumors is the most frequently used method. They forced practitioners to read slanderous materials and watch videos that attack Master and Dafa. They forced students to take turns talking, and everyone had to speak up. Whoever refused had points deducted and their terms extended, or had to suffer torture.

Excruciating torture

The police used all kinds of excruciatingly painful and harmful tortures. The first choice was sleep deprivation. This included working during the daytime, standing in the corridor or hallway in the evening, not being allowed to return to the dormitory, and having a criminal inmate monitor the practitioner. It was said that the police learned these methods from an "exchange program" with the Beijing Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp. They assigned six inmates to a group to carry out follow-up "persuasion," dividing the practitioners into three classes and monitoring them around the clock. Once a practitioner closed her eyes, she would be awakened. It was an ordeal for the practitioners' will. For committing these atrocities, the inmates would earn extra points or have their sentences reduced as a reward. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Meizhen was deprived of sleep for four days and nights. Eventually, only partly awake, she fell while walking, causing her legs to swell up. She could not wear shoes or even socks. The police frequently insulted and punched and kicked her.

Treating humans as animals and extending their working hours

The work in this camp included producing cigarette lighters. The Chinese Communist Party's police certainly enjoyed the profits. The practitioners, whether they were seniors or young people (the youngest was 22, the oldest was 70), had to get up as early as 5:00 a.m. and finally were permitted to sleep at midnight. At noon they were allowed one hour to eat, use the toilet, and rest. All the remainder of the time was for labor, which consisted of one or two processes in the making of cigarette lighters. Each day had a quota to be met, which the guards assigned at will and inevitably increased. If an inmate did not finish, the perpetrators would subtract points, extend her term, or even subject her to excruciating pain. After a while, many of their finger joints became swollen, distorted and curved. The most seriously hurt became disabled.

A criminal's paradise

Camp criminals who acted as police goons could do whatever they wanted. For example, they did not need to work, ate well, beat and verbally abused people at will, had no need to reform, and had the added benefits of extra points and reduced incarceration terms. Those who acted out their homosexuality were not interfered with. Drug addicts Xing Xiaoyan, Tie Yandong, Wang Yong, Li Yuping and others openly acted out their homosexuality. They even persuaded former practitioners who had given up Dafa to undermine the reputation of Dafa. The police guards didn't conduct an inquiry or investigate. On the contrary, they used these incidents to slander practitioners' reputations and used it as an excuse to persecute practitioners.

Partial case histories:

Datong Dafa practitioners Ms. Ma Yueying, 43, and Ms. Li Runfang, 35, originally from Taiyuan City, were illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor. Since December 2004 they have not had a chance for normal rest. Besides getting up as early as 5:00 a.m. and not being permitted to go to sleep until midnight on overtime labor, they sometimes had to join the so-called "heart-to-heart talks" till 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.

In February 2005, the guards strictly monitored 12 practitioners. During that time, Falun Gong persecution brigade captain Lei Hongzhen incited drug addicts Tie Yandong and Lian Li to brutally beat practitioners Ms. Pei Xiuying and others. The miserable cries of Dafa practitioners were heard from far away. Guard Lei Hongzhen, however, who stood outside the door, said that she heard nothing. Practitioner Ms. Chen Fang, 54, is from Beijing and used to work at the capital's airport. Criminal inmate Wang, female, 34 years old and from Taiyuan City, beat Ms. Chen for no reason. When Ms. Chen reported this to police guard Yang Bin, Yang Bin not only did not punish the criminal but blamed Ms. Chen for "not observing the regulations."

On February 6-7, 2005, practitioners Ms. An Xiaorun, Ms. Yang Shengping, Ms. Zhao Runmei, and Ms. Zhu Xianhua and were discovered making private copies of Master's scripture. Falun Gong persecution brigade captain Meng Ha discovered them. They were forced to stand for four days and nights at the office in the main building. They were not allowed to eat or drink anything. In addition, they were repeatedly forced to study slanderous materials and write repentance "understandings." Their term was also illegally extended by an extra three months.

Something happened on August 17, 2005, between 1 and 2 p.m. in the medical office on the second floor. Practitioners Ms. Ma Yueying, 43, from Datong City, and Ms. Li Runfang, 35 years old, presently from Taiyuan City, were force-fed by police officer Meng Hao and criminals Li Yuping, Tie Yandong and Wang Yong. The practitioners had gone on a hunger strike to protest the 15-day persecution. The criminals used a piece of metal hardware over a foot long to pry open the two practitioners' mouths, causing their mouths serious injuries. Blood spurted not only on these two women and on the guards and criminals, but also onto the bed, the wall and the floor of the medical office. The guards and criminals feared that others would discover this proof of their criminal deeds, so they hurriedly changed Ms. Ma and Ms. Li's clothing. Then they ordered Ms. Ma and Ms. Li not to disclose this matter.

The authorities sent Shanxi Province Datong City practitioner Ms. Niu Lanying, 43, to the Xindian Forced Labor Camp three times. In the beginning of March 2005, they arrested her the second time and took her to Xindian. That same afternoon, Meng Hao (captain), Liu Zhongmei (political head), and Lei Hongzhen assigned a criminal inmate to monitor her. She was forbidden to sleep in an attempt to make her quickly give up "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

After Ms. Niu had been on a hunger strike to protest for nearly two weeks, the guards realized that they could not achieved their goal this way. They then put her separately in the strictly monitored room on the second floor. Ms. Niu not only did not cooperate but also shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is great!" Then she sat in the meditation pose. The guards further intensified the persecution. They incited a criminal inmate to beat her at will until she could not speak a single word. During that time guard captain Meng Hao let this criminal drag Ms. Niu Lanying into the corridor and beat her in front of many practitioners. The criminal clamored, "Let's see you shout." In the meantime, four other inmates were assigned to forcibly feed Ms. Niu at the clinic office with corn paste and salt, inject her with 1500 milliliters of salt water, and puncture her on her hands and arms seven to eight times or more every day. This upset Niu Lanying's stomach and intestinal functions. A capillary burst. She also vomited continuously. She was seriously ill and weighed only 35 kg. Altogether she had fasted for 73 days. The authorities feared that she might die in the camp, so they released her in the middle of May 2005.

After Ms. Niu's condition had stabilized somewhat, however, the forced labor camp police, in collusion with the Datong "610 Office," arrested her for a third time at around ten o'clock in the evening on August 16, 2005, and took her again to the Taiyuan City Xindian Women's Forced Labor Camp. They used every imaginable kind of torture on her, but Ms. Niu refused to reply to any questions and has continued to fast. The police are still using excruciating methods to torture her.

Falun Gong Persecution Brigade (Partial list of the police involved):

Captain: Meng Hao

Political head: Liu Zhongmei

Police officers: Wang Dali, Wang Xinhong, Shi Jian, Yang Bin, Kong Jianying, Liang Junxia, Chen Chunxiang, Cheng Donghui, Lei Hongzhen, Zhao Wenlian, Xiao Yan, Gao (captain), Liang (captain).

Labor Camp:

Switchboard: 86-351-2810517,
Manager: 86-351-2810888 86-351-2810866,
The First Team: 86-351-2810801,
The Second Team: 86-351-2810802,
The Third Team: 86-351-2810803,
The Fourth Team: 86-351-2810804.
Tie Tong information desk: 86-351-10050 (The labor camp's switchboard belongs to the Tie Tong company), Hengshan Road Xindian Street #5, Zip Code: 030003