Organization Department Leader: "The CCP is Doomed"

During a senior-level dinner, a leader of the department of organizations (a Party position) in a certain Heilongjiang Province company proclaimed, "... to tell you the truth, even though I am the organization department leader, I have been saying nothing but lies all these years. A human being (sigh) should be truthful, compassionate, and tolerant of others. The principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance", taught by Falun Gong is so wonderful! Another thing I want to confess is that I would do anything but what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) says. I read this book recently (referring to the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party). After reading it, I just couldn't express my feelings. I have been lying all my life, and I have been cheated by the CCP my entire life. Now I know. I know all about it. And I am not afraid to speak the truth now, because I now know the truth. The CCP is doomed."

Some Foreign Companies Refuse to Hire CCP Members

I had to go to the pharmacist for work reasons, and started a conversation with a lady at the pharmacy. I asked her how her business was going, and she said, "It's bad, I'm not able to save much after the costs and cuts. I have no choice in order to let my daughter go to school. I asked her to apply for membership in the Party, but she refused, saying that she wants to work for foreign companies, but some foreign companies refuse to hire CCP members because they have a very bad impression of the CCP."

Police Official Advises His Son Not To Join the CCP

A relative of mine is a senior official in the Public Security Bureau. After learning the truth talked about in the Nine Commentaries, he realized that the CCP is doomed. One day, his son and daughter-in-law asked him to help them write application letters to join the Party, and he replied, "Why would you ever want to join the Party? The entire Party from top to bottom is rotten. When they go to prostitutes, they pay with the people's money and then say that it is a job requirement for them to do so. Now the party members are asked to re-declare their allegiance to the Party, but I don't know what they are re-declaring at all. The CCP is doomed sooner or later. It's corrupt from the inside out."

Party Official Sick and Tired of the Re-declaring Party Membership Movement

One day I went to a government bureau on a work errand, and the bureau chief was not around. I began chatting with the chief of the Party Office. When I mentioned the Re-declaring Party Membership Movement, she flared up immediately, "This entire movement is sickening! It gives everyone nothing but trouble. The top brass has orders that we cannot say that the Party is bad, and we're not allowed to speak the truth - all we can do is lie, or else we would be punished. And now, the bureau is setting up the Party model, and it is making everyone write false reports. Every one of us is living with guilt, not knowing what exactly they want at all. I really want to quit!"