Hello well-beloved Teacher, hello respected fellow practitioners!

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in China. As I recall what I have been through during the magnificent Fa-rectification period and extreme evil persecution, it can be said that I have walked through steadily, and have done what a Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioner should do. Now I would like to share some of my experiences in the Fa-rectification period cultivation over the past several years.

1. Melt into the Whole Body

At the beginning of 2001, the Falun Gong truth-clarification material production site in our city was destroyed. Through reconsidering, we discovered the main reason for the destruction was that too many practitioners knew of the place; they all directly came to this site to pick up materials (including myself). Other reasons included the attachment to time etc.

After I shared with practitioner A, we decided to establish a material distribution network. In this network, practitioners who had more direct access to the site had to be more diligent, steadfast, rational and cultivate their speech. After we made the plan, we started to look for practitioners among those that we knew. Some were very steadfast and righteous, but they did not pay attention to cultivation of speech and were not very rational, so practitioner A suggested that I become the distributor on the second level (A only passed on the material from other place to me). At that time I did not want to do it. My reasons were "the evil would consider me as the key object". I had been to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and moreover, because of my appeal, the evildoers had caused lots of suffering to my family members and relatives. I was afraid this would happen again. However, practitioner A could not find a more suitable person, so A urged me to take it. I thought: "If nobody takes this job, then who can get materials? The fellow practitioner thinks I am suitable. I also feel so too, because I am very firm in Dafa!" I agreed.

After I took this task, I began to look for the next level contact person. I found three practitioners and told them my thoughts, and asked them to find practitioners who would be in contact with them. In this way, we set up the distribution network. Due to many practitioners having righteous thoughts and righteous acts, and who were rational and cultivated their speech, the network ensured the safe operation and fast distribution of materials from the production site.

While distributing the materials, I also gradually let go of my fear. When I delivered materials, I used righteous thoughts to clear away all evils wherever my vision could reach. Some of the evil was extinguished, while some ran away. As a result, the material distribution no longer had interference.

2. Not being Satisfied with the Status Quo, Striving Forward, and Improving Oneself during Conflict

Because of practitioners' trust, I could directly contact the material production site and become the first level distributor. During the process of participating in matters at the production site, my sense of responsibility was further increased, and my xinxing was further improved. Later, practitioners from other places came for short stays due to the persecution. Some fellow practitioners rented a place for them and solved the food and lodging problem. Later, they and local practitioners set up several material production sites, and those sites were used by local practitioners. The realm of practitioners who leased the sites, and the magnificent acts of practitioners from other places abandoning everything to validate Dafa and step out to save the sentient beings, made me see my shortcomings! I decided not to be satisfied with the status quo, but be more diligent to do everything well.

Through several years of Fa-rectification period cultivation, although the evil did not dare to touch me, I have clearly realized that to the best of my ability I should not participate in matters at the production site (considering the safety of the material production site), nor get involved in taking charge of the materials distribution and other coordination work. However, materials production sites and other Dafa work are all part of the one body. Without a materials production site, fellow practitioners are unable to walk on the cultivation path correctly. On the contrary, without proper distribution and fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts, the safety of a materials production site and its normal function can't be ensured.

3. Clarifying the Truth Well Has no Limits

At the same time I distributed materials, I did not ignore the importance of clarifying the truth. Because the city area and other areas close-by had been taken care of, I put an emphasis on clarifying the truth in the countryside, especially in those places with no Dafa practitioners. During my distribution of the materials, my xinxing gradually advanced, and my understanding of the Fa became deeper.

When I handed out materials in the countryside for the first time, I wore unnoticeable clothes, and went out after 11:30 p.m. After I finished, I even threw away the gloves where others could not find them. You can see how strong my human notions were! Because of my strong human notions, although I did many things, I did not improve my xinxing. One time during the winter, as I was distributing the materials, I suddenly bumped into a person around midnight. This person asked what I was doing. I replied while walking restlessly: "Walking." This person suspected I was a thief, (I heard about it afterwards) and called on many people to catch us. Although we escaped, after this experience, I found many shortcomings: I did not send forth righteous thoughts at that key moment, did not negate all interference with the righteous thoughts of a god, did not send forth righteous thoughts immediately, while handing out the materials, used everyday people's thinking about security, did not constantly send forth righteous thoughts or recite the Fa, lacked strong righteous thoughts, diminished the sacred feeling of saving people; moreover, my fear was strong.

Afterwards, through further Fa study and letting go of fear, we had less and less interference. But when we were not clear on Fa principles, or not diligent in Fa study and practicing the exercises, there was much interference. After that, we also went to many places to hand out materials, we did not encounter interference from humans, but had many problems with the car. Either the headlights malfunctioned, or the car had mechanical failures. At times, even the tires went flat. From sharing with fellow practitioners, we enlightened that the car was also a living being, our car should also assimilate to the Fa. The evil is trying to stop us from saving people, and already failed to do so from other aspects, so it persecuted our transport tool. Hence, when we went to distribute the materials again, we communicated with the car, strengthened its righteous thoughts, and sent forth righteous thoughts to clear away persecution for the car, so it could become the quickest and best of Fa-implements. Since then, our transport tool has actually displayed a miracle, having been everywhere unimpeded.

While we have distributed truth-clarification materials to almost every local household, I paid more attention to saving the people in areas with no Dafa practitioners, and found some areas actually had not received any materials. I realized that offering salvation to sentient beings is not limited to a specific region. As long as there are people deceived by evil, they are the objects of our truth clarification. In addition, we can't shift the responsibility of saving the people there. Therefore I coordinated many times with our local practitioners to go to other places to distribute materials. We carefully selected practitioners to go to other areas, choosing those who paid attention to cultivation of speech and were very rational. Meanwhile, we also paid attention to the selection and security of the materials. We sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils a few days before we left, and went to save people in an open and honorable way, not acknowledging any test from the evil.

I also paid lots of attention to safety issues during the process of distributing materials. I emphasized safety and the need to be rational many times. Although some practitioners were not willing to listen, I still took great pains to remind them. Because I was not afraid of others saying I was fearful, I was able to consider the safety of the whole group. No matter how many people we had, together we sent forth righteous thoughts to the whole field where practitioners were located to eliminate all evil that damages Dafa, eliminate all evil factors that interfere with practitioners clarifying the truth, and eliminate all evil that blocks people from understanding the truth. Through our collective cooperation, we have achieved good results in clarifying the truth in other places each time and practitioners all returned safely. Moreover, we paid more attention to cultivation of speech afterwards: nobody could talk about these matters.

4. Moving Forward Facing the Tribulation, Paying Attention to Improvement of One Body

Although we put emphasis on safety and cultivation of speech in our distribution, after a long time, some practitioners and even everyday people became aware of our activities. So, according to the actual situation, we replaced practitioners after they had been there for a period of time. Some of them had xinxing problems, while some had other reasons. Once, a local policeman in my residential area threatened my spouse that he would arrest me, and said I was the "head" of the area. I had been followed while going out every night to do Dafa work.

I had to have big loopholes in order for this to have happened. During that period of time, I indeed went out every night to do Dafa work, mainly contacting practitioners, distributing lots of materials, and it appeared as if somebody was following me. It was serious to be accused of being the "head". This showed I probably had these three mental states: 1) I might have had the attachment of being the "head"; 2) or acted like I was the "head"; 3) or was afraid that the evildoers would know I was the "head". There is no "head" in Dafa; every practitioner is a general student, and wanting to the head is a bad attachment of pursuing fame. I did not have that attachment. However I had both the second and third problems. I was willing to direct other practitioners, and I was afraid of the police knowing I was very diligent and doing coordination, so I caused the police to say so. After I discovered these loopholes, I accepted other practitioners' suggestion to methodically hand over my work to others. Simultaneously, other connected practitioners also made certain substitutions. I abandoned these attachments through cultivation.

I also frequently took over other work. For example, some places could not get materials, so I temporarily took on that responsibility. After I made the connections in other areas and let it operate for a period of time, I then handed over the contact work to other practitioners. While moving forward in the Fa-rectification process, many practitioners could distribute materials. With the suggestion of very diligent practitioners, I transferred the emphasis to exchanging views with practitioners and this had a certain effect on the advancement of one body. Two months ago, we found some practitioners had not stepped forward, while some who were very firm in Dafa, bravely stepped out to clarify the truth, but did not have a clear understanding on the Fa and were taken advantage of by the evil. Through reading Minghui Weekly, I realized we should set up many Fa study groups in our area, so practitioners could improve faster, help those who did not have a clear understanding of the Fa in time, and achieve the goal of collective improvement. Because the environment is different than it was prior July 20, 1999, we have small numbers of people in each Fa study group. In addition, the Fa study groups must also be "bringing it to every field and valley, mountain and hill". (quoted from Teacher's article, "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People") We have already set up many Fa study groups and there will be many more in the future!

In the Fa-rectification period cultivation, I have been able to walk diligently and stably, mainly because of studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. Every day I pay attention to calming down to study the Fa. When practitioners meet, we often remind each other to study the Fa. For a period of time, I had big interference in Fa study. I began reading less, so I got up earlier and read the Fa first before I did anything else. I have never slacked in Fa study over the past few years. I will finish Fa study even if I do not eat; it is the same with practicing the exercises. I enlightened that as a practitioner, studying the Fa and practicing the exercises are more important than eating. A human body will be hungry without food, but if we do not study the Fa and practice the exercises (Fa study is more important than practicing), won't our god body be "starving"? So, it won't be able to grow, and what replaces it will be a lack of righteous thoughts and strong human notions. The ability to clear away evil will also drop. However, studying the Fa and doing the exercises won't always be as comfortable as eating. That is also a long-term refinement process of ceaselessly breaking through oneself.

Teacher said: "Veteran disciples should also pay attention to this matter. As more people study the Fa, you should pay more attention to guiding new students to actually practice cultivation. Meanwhile, you yourselves should not slack. If circumstances permit, you can increase the time spent studying the Fa and doing the exercises. Maintaining Dafa's tradition, upholding Dafa's cultivation principles, and persevering in true cultivation are long-term tests for every Dafa disciple." ("Abandon Human Attachments and Continue True Cultivation" from Essentials for Further Advancement)(official translation)

I also pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. One of the coordinators in our area pays lots of attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. He always reminds me, and so I also pay attention to it. Moreover, for these past few years, the evil's abduction attempts failed amidst our strong righteous thoughts many times.

Dafa practitioners must listen to Teacher's words one hundred percent, put Dafa first all the time, and put saving the sentient beings first. Hence, for more than four years, I have been proactively looking for things to do. As a matter of fact, this is saving people, and it can't be neglected. The more it is neglected, the more people will be eliminated. Where is our compassion?

Another point: a coordinator must always place himself/herself among practitioners, never having the heart of being above others, and listen to practitioners' opinions and suggestions. I am able to seriously look inwards from practitioners' criticisms and suggestions. I think all practitioners in this period are great. When I encountered problems, I could hand over my work to other practitioners, calmly study the Fa and give up my shortcomings. When many practitioners had the attachment of relying on me, I pointed out this incorrect mentality in time and asked everyone to truly walk their own paths. We also do not accept the wrong understanding of not stepping forward until the "diligent" practitioners are persecuted. We just follow the path arranged by Teacher, becoming more diligent The more diligent we are, the better the environment is. We are meeting the requirements of Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners! In practice, many diligent fellow practitioners in our area have walked along steadily.

The above are part of my experiences. If there is anything inappropriate in my dealing with conflicts, what I realized is only the enlightenment at my current level; therefore, I hope fellow practitioners can understand my words clearly.