(Clearwisdom.net) Last May, Chifeng City police officers from Inner Mongolia illegally arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Qu Xiuqin. Since then she has been imprisoned in the Pingzhuang Detention Center. Qu Xiuqin fell ill recently. The hospital diagnosis revealed uterine cancer, but the detention center officials still refuse to release her. It is said that Qu Xiuqin was healthy before the arrest. The following is her story:

Qu Xiuqin, whose family lived in Jianchangying Township, Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, started practicing Falun Dafa in the spring of 1996. After practicing, many of her chronic illnesses, particularly tracheitis and colitis, all disappeared. However, since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP ) banned Falun Gong in 1999, Qu Xiuqin lost her peaceful life. In the following several years, she suffered repeated persecution from Wang Jianfeng, who was the chief of Jianchangying Township Police Station in the Yuanbaoshan District, in Chifeng City. Her entire family has been devastated by the persecution.

In February 2001, right after the Chinese New Year, police chief Wang Jianfeng led some people and broke into Qu Xiuqin's home. They arrested her and took her to the Pingzhuang Detention Center. In the detention center, Qu Xiuqin and other practitioners imprisoned there suffered from inhuman torture. Police officer Zhang Shukong used all kinds of methods to try to force them to give up their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." In the chilly winter, they were deprived of food for three to four days. They were not given any blankets and had to sleep on a bare bed board. They were forced to jog barefooted around the walls of the detention center from six o'clock in the morning until seven o'clock in the evening. They were given moldy steamed buns to eat. They were forced to stand on the cold concrete floor with bare feet. The police even incited the criminals to pour cold water on Qu Xiuqin's feet. The water ran over the concrete floor and froze immediately.

After her release from the detention center, Qu Xiuqin was arrested several times more by Wang Jianfeng and taken to the detention center brainwashing class held by the Jianchangying Township government. This was the "legal education base" (brainwashing center) in Chifeng. Qu Xiuqin suffered from all kinds of mental torment and physical torture and had several thousand yuan extorted from her.

On December 9, 2003, Wang Jianfeng and others started to arbitrarily arrest practitioners. They arrested Qu Xiuqin's husband and confiscated a personal computer, a telephone and a camera. In order to capture Qu Xiuqin, Wang Jianfeng sent someone to monitor her around the clock and stay at Qu's home for over two weeks. All of Qu Xiuqin's relatives' home phones were monitored. Qu Xiuqin fled and became destitute and homeless.

Qu Xiuqin's immediate family has four members: her son is 19 years old, and the daughter is only 13 years old. When the police monitored their activities, they didn't even spare the young girl. When she went to school, someone followed her. The teacher was assigned to monitor her when she was at school. Even her phone calls to classmates were monitored. How could a young mind withstand such pressure? She frequently cried while leaning against her older brother. She was unable to eat or fall asleep. Sometimes she was awakened by nightmares. This also affected her studies. The two teenagers and their relatives contacted Wang Jianfeng and asked him to reduce the torture of their loved one. Wang said that 3,000 yuan would release their father. The children were delighted and expected their father to be home for the New Year. However, when the New Year came, he still hadn't returned. Jiang's group and their hatchet men in the CCP separated husband and wife and children, a once happy family.

In today's China, there are countless people like Qu Xiuqin who have been illegally detained and are suffering. This tragedy, however, happened simply because they believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." In this long-lasting persecution, the people who suffer are not limited to practitioners and their loved ones, but also those who participate in the persecution. They are the ones who have lost their human nature under the deception and pressure of their superiors in the CCP.

The Yuanbaoshan District Pingzhuang Detention Center is imprisoning other practitioners besides Qu Xiuqin. They are Mr. Xu Qian from the Yuanbaoshan District and Mr. Lu Zhiguo from Fengshuigou Coal Mine. Xu Qian was arrested and taken to this place in July 2005. Lu Zhiguo was arrested on October 13. The officers from the Fengshuigou Police Station confiscated his personal computer and other valuable personal possessions.

Partial lists of those who participated in the persecution:

Yuanbaoshan District Police Department:

Head, Yin Jintang, 86-476-3532589 (Office), 86-476-3512925 (Home)
Commissar, Teng Haikui 86-476-3510525 (Office), 86-476-8371669 (Home)
Security Brigade: 86-476-3514143, head, Liu Weimin: 86-476-3514143 (Office), 86-476-3594410 (Home), 86-13904762505 (Cell)
Vice chief of Pingju Police Station and 610 Office head, Wang Li: 86-476-3324781 (Office), 86-476-3322099 (Home), 86-13947365566 (Cell)
"610 Office" deputy head, Jiang Xuezhi: 86-476-3324941 (Office), 86-476-3322822 (Home)
Pingzhuang Mining Bureau Police Station
National Security team head, Liu Kexue: 86-476-3324272 (Office), 86-476-3322828 (Home), 86-13947637900 (Cell)
Pingzhuang Detention Center: 86-476-3501801
Pingzhuang Coal Company Fengshuigou Coal Mine
The CCP Committee secretary, Lian Qinggui: 86-476-3347216 (Office), 86-476-3325637 (Home), 86-13947360497 (Cell)
Mine director, Yang Peigong: 86-476-3347188 (Office), 86-476-3326188 (Home), 86-13947365268 (Cell)
Fengshugou Coal Mine Shuangfeng Police Station, Xu Xiaoguang: 86-476-3347390 (Office), 86-476-3346363 (Home), 86-13015183901 (Cell)