(From The Second Mainland China Internet Experience Sharing Conference)

(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share my experience and understanding on one issue. In the Fa Taught in the International Teleconference, Teacher talked about some practitioners being attached to writing a book to expose the persecution in prisons or forced labor camps and for that purpose being transformed by the evil. Teacher said:

"In fact, what Gods see is: the person got out of there to expose the evil because she could no longer endure it, and her pursuit of getting out was really an attachment that she wasn't able to let go," ("Master's Fa Taught in the International Teleconference")

The evil at detention centers, forced labor camps, and prisons has been aggressively persecuting Dafa practitioners. It is in these special places where under severe persecution, some practitioners including myself let the persecution go unchecked, without a good understanding of the Fa, and without knowing how to deal with it. Some even lost their lives. Such situations, I believe, are due to our lack of studying the Fa.

In "Drive Out Interference," Teacher said,

"When I taught the Fa I told you before about all the problems that might occur during this malicious and destructive examination." ("Drive Out Interference" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

In "Expounding on the Fa," Teacher taught us:

"You should also be clear that 'natural' does not exist, and 'the inevitable' has reasons behind it. In fact, 'natural' is irresponsibly used by everyday people to make excuses for themselves when they are unable to explain the phenomena of the universe, life, and matter. They cannot imagine what 'nature' itself is. Under the influence of this kind of notion you think that all these tribulations are inevitable and that this is just the way it is, thereby developing a passive and pessimistic attitude. So your human side must stay aware. More importantly, your side that has attained the Fa must be clear." ("Expounding on the Fa" from "Essentials for Further Advancement)

On April 15, 2002, the evil authorities arrested me and imprisoned me at a prison in Jilin Province. In May, the prison authorities formed a so-called "team to storm heavily fortified positions," which specialized in persecuting Dafa practitioners. Soon they launched the brutal persecution of "transformation."

They abused the practitioners by depriving them of sleep, punishing them with extended standing, stabbing them with needles, confining them in iron barrels, hanging them by handcuffs, and tying them up and then beating them with hammers, wooden stools, plates, carrying poles, and boxing gloves etc. During the persecution, some practitioners demonstrated the attitude of passive tolerance and felt utterly helpless. As a result, they left with regrets.

The very night after they abused me, I started to awaken and recognized that I must not be depressed. I must expose the evil, make up for the loss to Dafa and restore my dignity as a Dafa practitioner. Silently I requested Teacher to arrange the opportunity for me to expose the evil.

On an afternoon the following week, I noticed that the authorities at the Forced Labor Camp Bureau were going to talk to me. It turned out that the officials from the Labor Camp Bureau came to inspect the work in the prison. I knew the chance was coming. I was grateful to Teacher for His compassion. The Buddha's Grace is Infinite! Warmth enveloped my body and righteous thoughts filled my mind.

Arriving at the interview room, the officials were watching videotape that fabricated the facts and claimed how good the government is in transforming us. After they finished watching the tape, they talked to me first (certainly because of Teacher's arrangement). One official said, "We're here to ask you one question. Does the prison authorities ever beat, curse, or physically abuse you?"

"Yes. That's exactly what I was about to tell you," I said. I described to them how the prison authorities physically abuse Dafa practitioners and forcibly "transform" us. While I was talking, I noticed that all of the officials from the Labor Camp Bureau looked pale, with their faces shaking. I knew Teacher was strengthening me and practitioners' righteous thoughts were eliminating the evil behind these officials. They must have never dreamed of anybody daring to expose the prison authorities' evil conduct right in front of them. By asking me that question, evidently they expected me to give them an answer in their favor. As a Dafa practitioner, how could I follow their instructions?

The Dafa practitioner dominated the discussion. I was in total control. I started to clarify the truth to them. In the end, they asked, "How many people in your situation are there in the prison?" "800f those who got transformed were the result of physical abuses," I said. "How about the remaining 20%, then?" they asked. "Frightened," I said. Indeed, watching how the evil persecuted their fellow practitioners, some practitioners were so scared that they signed the "Five Pledges." Finally the person who recorded the conversation concluded, "You... OK. You don't have to feel pressured. We'll take care of this issue."

After returning to the prison, I noticed that everyone in the whole prison was talking about my interview with the officials. With the absolute authority over local forced labor camps, the officials from the Labor Camp Bureau were certainly the "gods" in the eyes of the prison staff. No one had ever been brave enough to directly report problems in the prison to the high officials.

In less than half an hour, the political commissar of the prison came to talk to me, "Sorry for what you suffered. Certainly we will seriously deal with the issue you reported to the Labor Camp Bureau. I guarantee you that as long as I'm in the prison, nothing like that will ever happen again. You can report any problem to me anytime without going through any other people. How about that?"

The head of the prison district where I was imprisoned also suddenly changed his demeanor, "From now on, you can have full freedom to do whatever you want. You can talk to me about any problem, I assure you."

Since then, the practitioners imprisoned there began to directly expose the evil interferences. We don't wait for and rely on any external help. The whole environment in the prison was changed, and physical abuses became very rare. We laid a good foundation for further doing well the three things of Fa-rectification.

I realized that the positive changes in the prison were not because of the change among police, but due to Teacher's help in rectifying the environment in the prison after seeing our steadfast hearts.

Dear fellow practitioners, only by exposing the evil, denying the evil, and cultivating ourselves, can we lessen and even stop the persecution, and finally save more sentient beings. Please do not wait for or rely on the changes in the external environment. Teacher is beside us all the time as long as we have steadfast hearts. When exposing the evil, do not use any human notions. For example, do not hold that the higher officials are as bad as the local police, that complaining to upper leadership is in vain, or that reporting the evil conduct will only result in more severe persecution. Also do not wait to file complaints until some top officials come to visit. All of these thoughts are the result of fear.

Please also pay attention to Fa study, send righteous thoughts, remain steadfast, and let go of the fundamental attachments, in addition to exposing the evil. The above sharing is just my shallow understanding. Please point out anything improper.