(Clearwisdom.net) Many Falun Dafa practitioners have been illegally arrested and forced into brainwashing centers in Chenzhou and other counties of Hunan province since October 15, 2005.

A local practitioner couple whom had recently moved into their new home was "asked" by 610 Office officials in Suxian District to join the brainwashing "class." The authorities came as late as midnight to knock on their door. As a result, they had to leave their home that night and were unable to care for their child who still needed to go to school the next morning.

A practitioner who worked in a cigarette factory in Chenzhou received information that the leader of the factory had agreed to send her to a brainwashing center. She had to leave her position and become homeless. Another practitioner, Guo Boqin, was illegally sentenced to prison for four years, and then confined to a brainwashing center less than a year after her release. Chen Bailan from Suxian District of Chenzhou was arrested as well.

Another young practitioner, Peng, a high school teacher in Anren County of Chenzhou, was surrounded by a group of people who worked for an official from the 610 Office named Li, Their aim was to force him into the brainwashing center. However Peng didn't cooperate and escaped by using his righteous thoughts.

The next night, Li threatened Peng's family members, however Peng's father and brother said a few fair words about Falun Dafa. At around 5:00 a.m. the next morning, his brother Peng Xiaomin was tied up while he was asleep and carried into a vehicle. They didn't even allow him to put on his clothes or shoes. Peng Xiaomin also teaches at a high school. The student's studies were surely affected by his disappearance. Peng Xiaomin's father's hands were also bound. The old man saw his son being kidnapped yet was unable to do anything. No one knows where either of the two brothers were taken.

In Yongxing County of Chenzhou, many Dafa practitioners were arrested as well. The thugs of Jiang's hooligan regime stirred the peaceful life of Chenzhou people. Many victims and their relatives said that they will sue these villains.

Also, a so-called "Law Enforcement Class" located at a party school of Beihu District is known to in fact be a brainwashing center. The main purpose of it is to crush practitioners' spirits and bodies, destroying their minds and torturing them at the same time. Everyone there has to submit 90 to 100 yuan per day to cover expenses, including food and administration fees, which means the total expense for the whole month is 2700-3000 yuan. In Chenzhou, few people can afford such a large amount of money. What's more, people are not allowed to speak with each other, to have their own thoughts or to have their own activities or freedom. They are deprived of sleep and suffer physical punishment as well as other means of tortures. The evil theories and curses of those who are working there can always be heard. So too, can the threats by 610 Office officials to send someone to forced labor, as well as the lies and slanderous words on the TV and radio again and again. They also force people to write a guarantee statement, repentance statements, denouncement letters and so on.

Between April 2003 and October 2005, there were no brainwashing sessions in this area, yet they have now started again.

Those who are Responsible:
(Those who commit evil directly)
Li Rishun, Secretary of Politic and Laws of Chenzhou City
Zhang Heping, Chief of 610 Office: 86-73502871887 (Office), 86-735-2870566 (Home), 86-13973531339 (Cell)
Deng Shide, Deputy Chief of 610 Office: 86-735-2871776 (Office), 86-735-2870187 (Home), 86-13873550898 (Cell)
Peng Guanhua, 610 Office of Chenzhou: 86-735-2871289 (Office)
Chen Boning, Chief of 610 Office of Beihu District: 86-735-2354908 (Home), 86-13337350016 (Cell)
Zhao Zhixun, Fu Pingyan, 610 Office
Xiao Renlin, Chief of 610 Office of Suxian District: 86-735-2887158 (Home)

Personnel from Relevant Units:

Li Dalun, Secretary of Chenzhou municipal government
Li Xinquan, Tan Ping, Deputy Secretary of Chenzhou municipal government
Zhao Liming, Xu Yongshan, municipal government officials
Xu Qingsheng, Legal Enforcement Department
Li Xiaolong, Court
Shou Jianzhong, Secretary of Beihu District government: 86-735-22220269 (Office), 86-735-2225166 (Home), 86-13807350611
Zhou Yingchun, Head of Beihu District: 86-735-2220361 (Office), 86-735-2236195 (Home), 86-13975529198 (Cell)
Jiang Jianhua, Deputy Secretary: 86-735-2220211 (Office), 86-13907351356 (Cell)
Wang Lirong, Deputy Secretary: 86-735-2220252 (Office), 86-735-2161036 (Home), 86-13975580096 (Cell)
Li Jianping, Deputy Secretary: 86-735-2220352 (Office), 86-735-2365269 (Home), 86-13907359676 (Cell)
Luo Quanhuai, Secretary of Politics and Laws Department of Beihu District government: 86-735-2220215 (Office), 86-735-2222663 (Home), 86-13975569756 (Cell)
Du Xiangxiong, Police Bureau of Beihu District