Recently some fellow disciples and I resumed group Fa study, which we haven't done for a long time. We feel that there have been tremendous advancements.

It isn't about how many people participate in the group study as long as we use our hearts to study. Sometimes we have two people. Sometimes we only have three or four people. Although there aren't a lot of participants, the atmosphere is great. Everyone feels tranquil, their minds dedicated, and that we are truly studying the Fa into our hearts.

Normally, although I study the Fa diligently alone, there are a lot of interferences. However, group study is different; the practitioners are indeed melting into the Fa. I believe that anyone who has earnestly participated in group Fa study must have similar personal reflections. I really feel that the Fa has infinite connotations. I sincerely regret that I didn't see this before, even after reading it so many times. I feel that the book talks about everything above the sky and below the ground, leaving out nothing. It really isn't easy to follow Master's Fa. This is because the perspective of Master's lectures is so great and broad. The 300 plus pages of Zhuan Falun contain the whole universe. Every word is gold.

I felt that this period of participating in group study has improved me even greater than group study before the persecution began. I really hope that disciples who want to walk out of their attachment to comfort study the Fa with their fellow practitioners. The feeling certainly will be different. In addition, after Fa study, we send forth righteous thoughts as a group. The energy field is very strong. Of course these things everyone surely knows already.

The above are my own feelings. Please forgive me for anything inappropriate.

October 27, 2005