(Clearwisdom.net) As I have become more and more mature and rational in my cultivation, I can see more clearly the path I have been following. When I reviewed what I have done to validate Dafa in the past years, I noticed that I did a lot of Dafa work with human notions. There were two significant problems. The first was that I participated in Dafa work out of personal interest. If I was interested in a project, I was willing and enthusiastic to do it. For a project that I was not interested in, even if I did it, I tended to give up as soon as I encountered any conflicts or difficulties and then move on to other projects that I was more interested in.

The second problem was that I often followed the crowd in doing things for Dafa. For example, when a new project first started, I felt it was fresh and interesting, so I joined. After a while, particularly when encountering difficulties or barriers, I found it difficult to continue. Sometimes I felt tired or lonely or simply lost interest and did not want to continue. Even if I forced myself to continue, I did it only to get it done and I lost the righteous thoughts of validating Dafa.

These are all human notions and attachments. I noticed that every time we did any Dafa work with strong human notions, we often could not persist in completing the work well.

Many people in human society do things out of personal interest or to follow the trend or the crowd. As practitioners we do Dafa work to validate the Fa as a personal choice. No one ever forced us. This is totally different than ordinary people's personal interests or following the trend. Of course, for Dafa disciples, everything we do ultimately will benefit ourselves.

As Dafa cultivators, Master gave us a process to recognize the Fa and cultivate, and we do need to quickly give up human notions in our cultivation. Thinking back on my cultivation experiences I fully understood what Master said in "Determination" in Essentials For Further Advancement,

"If you take up this path out of some interest, your mind will definitely not be firm."

As practitioners we should voluntarily validate the Fa. If we are not motivated to participate in the projects that we are not personally interested in, or are not the most "trendy" ones, isn't this an indication of our human notions? From the Fa's standpoint, this shows that we are validating ourselves and not Dafa. I realized that we as Dafa disciples should truly be responsible to Dafa and do the Dafa work effectively and well, according to the needs of validating Dafa based on our own environment and conditions.

One day in the fall of last year when I was clarifying the truth on the Manhattan streets, all of a sudden I deeply felt the important responsibilities and mission that Dafa practitioners are carrying, and I realized that Master was reminding me of this. Facing Master's boundless benevolence and the precious opportunities Master has given us, how can we not let go of any human notions? We were put in a very special position during the Fa rectification of the universe. We must be responsible to the sentient beings and to ourselves and treasure the precious opportunities to validate Dafa.

We came to this world with the mission of offering sentient beings salvation. Though the Fa rectification situations are changing dramatically, there are still many people in this world who do not know the truth yet, particularly many Chinese people who are still deceived by the lies. They are the ones whom we must rescue. Master recently published "A Will That Ebbs Not," warning us we should not take it easy, should not be buried in ordinary people's daily routine, and should not forget our responsibilities and mission. At this very last segment of Fa rectification, we must continue to cultivate diligently so that we will not fail at the last moment.

Please kindly point out any mistakes.

September 30, 2005