A security chief in Hebei Province receives retribution for persecuting practitioners

Security chief Yu Liming of the Botou City Wine Factory in Hebei Province has been following Jiang's regime to persecute the practitioners in their factory since the persecution started on July 20, 1999. Yu Liming always went to practitioners' homes to harass them. At the end of September 2001, the Botou City 610 Office sent Yu Liminig to grab practitioners' IDs and residence certifications. Yu Liming passed the IDs to the police station and locked the residence certifications in his drawer. He told the practitioners that he would stop paying their pensions.Soon after, he got ill. Seeing many doctors didn't help. Later, he was diagnosed with a liver problem and was hospitalized for several months in Cangzhou. He died in the summer of 2004 at the age of 46.

Jinzhou Prison officials persecute practitioners and receive retribution.

Director Zhang Qing of the Execution Branch of Jinzhou Prison forced the family of practitioner Mr. Cui Zhilin, who was persecuted to death, to agree that Mr. Cui Zhilin died by jumping out of a window and that his death had nothing to do with the prison. Zhang Qin also found two Falun Gong fliers. He handed them to the CCP Committee, attempting to frame a policeman. Zhang has recently been diagnosed with late stage cancer.When Dafa practitioner Mr. Cui Zhilin was illegally detained in the Fifth Branch, he was persecuted to death by the leaders, Li Xiuping and Pan Zhiyong, just because he did the exercises in his cell. The prison officials did nothing about it. One month later, when a criminal in this branch escaped, the branch was fined, and Li Xiuping couldn't be promoted to be vice president. Pan Zhiyong and the education leader were relieved of their duties.Things are more serious in the Second Branch. At the beginning of 2004, under the orders of the education leader, Zhang Baozhi, they tied up a practitioner who did exercises with tape. They also sealed the practitioner's mouth with tape. At the end of the year, Zhang Baozhi was impeached for perjury and was transferred.The original security director, Meng Fanjie, actively followed Jiang's regime to persecute practitioners. He was later relieved of his duties.

Some police officers got illnesses because of their involvement in the persecution, while other encountered troubles in their jobs. Retired police officers that always pulled down Dafa banners and tore up flyers died from sudden illnesses when they were only in their 60s. A Chinese version of this article is available at