(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group's website received a great number of web-signatures from people all over the world to condemn the Chinese Communist regime for forcing imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners to do slave labor in labor camps. People from different countries condemned the atrocities and expressed that they would try their best to expose the Chinese Communist Party's crimes. The following is a sampling of the comments from concerned people all over the world.

N-Y. A., Denmark:

Dear Falun Gong,

Thank you so much for your courage and strength! The activities you are performing cannot be appreciated enough. To inform the public about the inhumane conditions existing in China might be the only peaceful way to achieve changes in China. I hope, that many people in the world will become aware of the cruelty existing in China and try to become active in their own possible ranges. - It is nearly unbelievable, that human beings can treat other human being in this way! All the best to you!!!

G. M., Australia:

The laogai system should be abolished along with the Chinese Communist Party before China is allowed to host the Olympic Games.

Visual Creations Unlimited Ltd,New Zealand:

Thank you for sending me this information, I am aware of the Chinese situation and utterly appalled.
I care.

IUCN, Belgium/Europe:I am very happy to find out about this and do not wish stuff that are produced without any respect... I urge the European Community to observe this and to prohibit importation of these goods.

I. K., Enugu State, Nigeria:

Dearest friends,

I'm deeply moved by Chinese Falun Gong group's determination. I feel sympathy for them and try to help stop the Chinese government's evil behavior. Let's put it to God's hands and pray the omnipotent God to move the Chinese government's heart so as to improve the situation. I believe that miracle will happen. God can make what is impossible possible.

Recently, I learned that China's human rights record is really bad.

Dr. R. D., Tasmania Australia:

The abuse of Falun Gong and many other workers in China and throughout the world should be condemned by our leaders and acted upon by trade embargos and boycotts of the Olympics. Ignoring this treacherous activity degrades both them and us.

G., Australia:

This cheap labour has to stop.

P. T. A., Vanuatu:

Vanuatu should stop importing all Mainland China products until such time there is a chance of hearty by upholding human rights' law. Then and only then should Vanuatu resume importation of Mainland China products. This measure should be across the globe.

Dr. B. B., Australia:

The abuse of Human Rights in China must be stopped. As a westerner, my implication in these abuses via consumption of products made under forced labour conditions in China is clear. I support your efforts to challenge the Chinese government.

G. S., USA:

My heart feels heavy and sad reading about the forced labor camps experiences of Falun Gong practitioners. I am forwarding your message to everyone I know. All people need to know about this and expose this evil.

E. A., Los Angeles, California, USA:

Any government, including my own, which tolerates such horrible torture practices against fellow human beings, must be held accountable by all humanity.

Cllr. F. T., London Borough of Havering, UK:

I try to never buy anything made with virtually slave labour.

R. G., United Kingdom:
The insane cruelty of some human beings to their fellow men has long since ceased to astound me. It is fortunate that, in a world where communications are so rapid and widespread, such acts are not easily hidden. I can only offer you my full support in your campaign. Carry on the fight. Shame them again and again in the eyes of the world.

C. T., England:

I fully support your efforts to raise awareness of this injustice and criminal acts.

J. C., Melbourne, Australia:

The companies that use such labour to get their goods made must know what is going on at some level. They must be held accountable too. Please keep fighting these appalling injustices.

B., England UK:

Keep up the good work.

M. S., Australia:

Using prisoners of any sort political / criminal as slave labour seems to me to be unjust and inhumane. I will be checking where the products I buy are made from.

Cllr B. P. L. B. Enfield, Middlesex, England:

Absolutely appalling. The UN should not allow them to be so inhumane. There should be a worldwide boycott of all toys made in China.

Dr. E. B., UK:

I was appalled to read about the inhumane conditions. I will be checking carefully where products are made in future and recommending the same to everyone that I know.

V. G., Australia:

Companies who profit from slave labour should be exposed and boycotted; countries who violate human rights should be pilloried by the world - they certainly should not be feted in the interests of trade. it is time we all shouted 'enough!' to injustice.

Older Feminist Network, United Kingdom:
We are determined to boycott everything produced in China and we will take steps to give further publicity to the inhumanity of the Chinese government

L. D., Australia:

No one can ignore the human rights abuse of other individuals. It is imperative that goods made by individuals under such inhuman conditions are never brought by anybody. People with various belief systems should not be prosecuted merely for holding them.

S., USA:

Such a beautiful toy has such horrible history. It's beyond my imagination. It's so inhuman practice. International human rights should actively stopping it.

B. T., Sydney, Australia:
I am extremely concerned about the abuse of human beings to produce luxury items for our consumption in western countries. I will boycott products, and in fact companies, that I know are implicated by this type of torture. Please keep up the good work in informing us about what is happening in these labour camps.

S. C., Scotland:

I believe in a Democratic society, and that no-one in the world should live with any kind of oppression, let alone slavery. All human rights should be protected and enforced worldwide. In future I will take steps to boycot all toys made in China.

B. T., Australia:

Companies selling and distributing these toys internationally should be boycotted until they take responsibility for sourcing their products.

F. F., Sydney, Australia:

What can we do to stop this?

Y., Australia:

It's all very well to have cheap things but to find these items may come from forced slaved labour makes you extremely sad and determined not to purchase anything.

More signatures and comments can be read from: http://www.falunhr.org/te/index.php?signature=1<=en