(Clearwisdom.net) In November 2003, Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Zhi from Dancheng County, Henan Province was illegally arrested in Luyi County. Not following any legal procedures, Luyi County Court Director Rong Shijie (male) ordered the incarceration of Yang Zhi for two years. Mr. Yang was later sentenced to eleven years in prison and was sent to a forced labor camp outside of town on June 8, 2005.

Yang Zhi appealed to a higher-level court and clarified the truth in his appeal letter. An employee at the courthouse read his letter and said excitedly, "Falun Gong is so good, I want to practice Falun Gong right away!" She had lots of praise for Falun Dafa.

Meanwhile, Court Director Rong Shijie, against his conscience, upheld the original sentence.

Rong Shijie died suddenly on July 31, 2005 when he was only 50 years old. He was gambling in someone's house and died at the table. His body was sent to the courthouse, then from the courthouse to the hospital. Those involved lied to the public, saying that Rong died at work.

People should do good deeds and accumulate virtue to ensure a good life and a good future. We hope that people will learn from the case of Rong Shijie, and distinguish good from evil. Those who behave well towards Falun Dafa practitioners, who cultivate "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," will have a bright future.