(Clearwisdom.net) Our Fa study group was established in 2001 and is held at a practitioner's office. Now, we are studying the Fa for two hours at midday every day. This stable Fa study environment has enabled us to take solid steps and overcome tribulations over the past four years.

Founding the Fa study group

Because my work unit is far from my home, it takes me one hour to make the round trip. I am required to cook and eat at home, so the lunch break used to be over very quickly without being very productive.

One day a practitioner suggested that we send forth righteous thoughts, do the exercises and study the Fa as a group during our lunch break. One practitioner has his own office, so we decided to go there. This was a test for us, because the persecution was still very severe around us. We had all experienced persecution to various extents. But we had to think from the perspective of Fa rectification. We all practiced Falun Dafa, performed the exercises and studied the Fa as a group before July 20, 1999, so why not now? We are being good people according to Truth- Compassion-Forbearance, and we are always the most righteous. We should not be afraid of the evil; to the contrary, the evil is afraid of us. With these thoughts in mind we officially established a Fa study group.

When our group was first founded, we mostly did the exercises and shared experiences and understandings before sending forth righteous thoughts for 20 minutes at noon, and then practicing the exercises for another hour. In this way we made full use of the two-hour lunch break.

After we formed a cultivation environment, we all overcame various difficulties to join group Fa study, and we naturally became diligent. As Master continued to publish articles, we came to regard Fa study as our top priority. Although each practitioner also studied the Fa on his/her own, in this group environment we could discuss our understandings of the readings together. We improved quickly through sharing and discussions.

Maintaining the stability of our Fa study group

The path of cultivation is not smooth, and we had some interference during group Fa study.

When our group first started, some practitioners suggested that we expose the persecution of our practitioner colleagues in order to suppress the evil. Some practitioners thought at first that doing this would affect the stability of the Fa study group and jeopardize Dafa practitioners' safety. When we looked at this issue from the perspective of Fa rectification, we knew that there is nothing wrong with practicing Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. The old forces imposed the persecution on us, and we are suppressing the persecution by exposing it. To be responsible for Dafa, we wrote down the facts of the persecution of each practitioner, and we sent the article to the Minghui website. The article was quickly published. Every word in the article was true. The perpetrators' persecutions of innocent people who practice Truth-Compassion- Forbearance were exposed to the world, and the perpetrators were too ashamed to do anything to us. Our righteous thoughts and righteous actions not only didn't bring any trouble to the practitioners, instead they strengthened our belief that the evil cannot touch us as long as we walk a righteous path.

The head of the work unit knew we were studying the Fa as a group. Once, he told one of us that the situation was "intense," and he meant that we should be cautious for our safety. Some practitioners around us were abducted and one practitioner in our Fa study group was affected. The police went to the head of the work unit and asked some questions. We decided to stop group Fa study for a few days until the situation passed. After two days each member of the group felt uneasy. We realized that we were following the old force's path. We were studying the law of the universe in an open and dignified manner; we didn't do anything wrong, so the evil cannot do anything to us. After we came to this realization, we immediately restored normal Fa study and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all interference and disruption.

The stability of our group allowed us to form a whole body. Each practitioner would notify the group in advance if he could not attend a study session. We feel we are lagging behind if we miss one session and we study the Fa we missed on our own time. When we encounter external interference, we look inward and eliminate the evil to do away with disruptions. Together, we uphold and cherish our environment, persisting since 2001.

Studying and comparing with others; keeping up with the Fa rectification

Different conflicts arise during different cultivation phases. There are important issues that present themselves in different stages of Fa rectification. We always held timely discussions and improved in the Fa as a whole.

One practitioner wrote a guarantee statement after July 20, 1999. She did not say or do anything to harm Dafa, but she lied to the perpetrators while still practicing Dafa in private. She did not publish an announcement to void the guarantee statement, perhaps due to fear. After discussing this with other practitioners she realized that she should correct her conduct and wrote a solemn statement declaring her previous words null and void, and sent it to the Minghui website. After doing so she felt as if an outer shell had been removed from her body, and she felt very light.

We often discussed how to send forth righteous thoughts, especially about the importance of eliminating the demonic forces behind the head perpetrator of the persecution, Jiang Zemin, after his utter vileness was exposed. We considered the questions: "Should we do it, and how to do it?" Now Dafa practitioners can accept, understand and do well in sending forth righteous thoughts, but back then many practitioners were confused for a long time.

Right now we all face the issue of fully understanding the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, making truth clarification materials about the Nine Commentaries, and clarifying the truth to people and asking them to quit the CCP. We didn't pay much attention when the Nine Commentaries first came out, as we felt they didn't have much to do with our cultivation. We thought it was enough for us to understand the true nature of the CCP, and remained low-key in order not to make ordinary people think that we were getting involved in politics. Some practitioners didn't renounce the CCP and the Communist Youth league in time. As Master continued to give lectures, Dafa practitioners improved their understandings. Each practitioner carefully thought about and absorbed the truth of the Nine Commentaries and actively disseminated them.

Practitioners helping other practitioners; improving as one body

One practitioner didn't have much Internet knowledge and could only use software to get online and download materials. However, she was very good at editing, typesetting and printing. She started to choose truth clarification materials according to the needs of fellow practitioners, and taught her skills to practitioners at newly established materials production sites, which allowed those practitioners to quickly start making truth clarification materials. Some practitioners compiled articles about the persecution of local practitioners, as well as positive and negative things in cultivation, and sent them to the Minghui website. Some practitioners wrote or edited articles to expose local perpetrators and their crimes, and posted these articles on the streets to suppress the evil.

One practitioner was in her 40s, and an industrial worker. At first she thought that she was dense and a slow learner; however, she didn't wait or rely on technical help from local practitioners or others. She founded a materials production site, started printing materials, and gave them to other practitioners at her work unit. After she became familiar with the technical aspects, she supplied the surrounding areas when they ran short of truth clarification materials. She also helped practitioners at newly established sites with some basic operations. Now, she is an expert in fixing laser printers.

Our group obtained and disseminated Dafa information, and streamlined the process to produce and distribute all kinds of truth clarification materials. We have formed a network and distribute flyers in each practitioner's residential district, which has brought about the advancement of truth clarification work in a large area.

Above are the experiences of our group. I hope they are helpful to fellow practitioners. We welcome suggestions and corrections from fellow practitioners. Thank you!

Article submitted for The Second Mainland China Falun Dafa Practitioners Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference