(Clearwisdom.net) Tianjin Women's Labor Camp forces detainees to do heavy manual labor to produce shirts. The following is information about the manufacturer:

The labels on the shirts show a Japanese manufacturer: ƒXƒLƒƒƒbƒeƒCBƒH-ƒN. 1-2-13 Japanese Bridge County, Central District, Tokyo, Tokyo Auping Joint-stock Company

Tianjin City Zhonghuasandu Attair Company Ltd.
Address: #17 Ziyang Road, Yaan Avenue, Nankai District, Tianjing City, Postal Code: 300190
Telephone: 86-22-27687975
Li Ping is the person in charge.

At present, all shirts produced in the Tianjin Women's Labor Camp are for this one manufacturer. Most of the products are exported to Japan. Making shirts is high-volume and intensive work, all of which is done by hand, including sewing on collars, cuffs, front sides, shoulder crosses, buttons, button apertures, wristband knobs, and sleeves.

A higher price is paid for faster processing of the shirts, so detainees are required to work extra hours as soon as the order comes in. Detainees felt dizzy and suffered sore lower and upper backs after even the first day's work. Most of the older detainees could not endure such hard labor.

We hope that people with a sense of justice will pay attention to this matter.

October 14, 2005