(Clearwisdom.net) "If I can't see it, then it doesn't exist and I don't believe in it." This is the notion of "seeing is believing" that many people hold today. With such a notion, many people deny the existence of other dimensions and divine beings. Isn't this, in fact, rather absurd logic? Master Li said,

"Some people say that objects' appearances are the result of light, and that includes how in a painting light and shade appear and how colors emerge. That's not true. Objects maintain the same shape regardless of whether or not there's light--all light does is give people the visual impression of brightness or darkness. When affected by changes in the intensity of the light, colors might be perceived falsely, but that doesn't really change the color or shape of the object. Speaking in terms of cultivation, light can block people's eyes and create false impressions for people." "Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Art")

Let us take a simple example. If we close our eyes or stay in complete darkness, we will not be able to see anything. Yet everything around us stays as is. Nothing has disappeared as a result of our inability to see. Isn't it absurd to only believe in what we can see? It is our eyes that give us a false perception of our surroundings.

Modern science demonstrates that the wave band of light that is visible to human beings ranges from 380 to 780 nanometers (One nanometer is equivalent to one billionth of a meter) which is an extremely tiny portion of the light spectrum. Anything beyond this range, such as infrared light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, radio waves, magnetic fields, etc., is invisible to human eyes. Imagine watching the world with a high-resolution microscope or X-rays. Would it be the same as what we see with our naked eyes? It would surely be a whole new world.

Let us make an analogy. Suppose our modern science were a microscope with N-power. Our current understanding of the world is just what we could see with this N-power microscope. If we could amplify the world by NxN power, what would we see? Would the world look the same under an even more powerful NxNxN power microscope?

Wouldn't it be ridiculous to stubbornly insist that only what one sees under the N-power microscope actually exists? As science is ever progressing, its established understanding of life and types of matter is proven to be not always correct.

As Master Li teaches in Lunyu,

"The knowledge mankind has today is extremely shallow and nothing more than a small part of the whole--it is nowhere near a real understanding of the Truth of the universe. Some people don't even dare to face up to, approach, or acknowledge the facts of phenomena that objectively exist, all because these people are too narrow-minded and are unwilling to change their longstanding way of thinking. Only BUDDHA LAW can completely unveil the mysteries of the universe, of space-time, and of the human body. It can truly distinguish virtue from vice, and good from evil, and it can put an end to wrong views while providing the right views."

Why are many modern scientists in the scientific forefront still fascinated by ancient people's deep understanding of meridians and stars? This approach is like the approach of cultivation practice taken by the ancients in exploring life and the cosmos. Cultivation practice made it possible for them to get in touch with high-level beings in other dimensions, to see the genuine existence of gods, and to witness the power of karmic retribution and causality.

Falun Dafa is genuine cultivation of the Buddha Law. It opens a new path to understanding life and the cosmos. Fascinated by the practice and their personal experience with it, many experts and scholars in various disciplines around the world now take it as a genuine form of science.