All of a Sudden, it Began to Rain

By a Dafa practitioner from Shandong Province, China

Dafa practitioners from the Fanliu Region, Jinan City were arrested and taken to the Second Labor Camp of Shandong Province. One night in July 2003, the prison guards forced the detained Dafa practitioners to gather in a section of a vacant field in front of the main building of the labor camp to show them a deceitful movie to slander Falun Dafa.

At the time, the sky was lightly dusted with clouds, with some stars twinkling. The evil movie started, but only a few of the 600 to 700 practitioners detained at the labor camp went to see it. They lowered their heads and began sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions.

From under the legs of the Dafa practitioners came a cold breeze, following which a gust of wind swept through the movie screen, so strong that the two fixed ends on one side of the screen were broken. The movie screen, under the force of the wind, was waving in the air, like a white flag signifying surrender. The prison guards had no choice but to stop playing the movie. Some guards then brought over a very heavy iron lawn chair and fastened the screen to it. Convinced that the screen was strong enough and there would be no more wind, they went on with their evil performance.

Nonetheless, the Dafa practitioners continued to send forth righteous thoughts. After a little while, all of a sudden, it began to rain. Before the people had time to react, it had developed into a heavy downpour. The prison guards had no way to control the situation, as the people ran into the building in a hurry, leaving only the prison guards and the film projector in the field.

At that moment, many prison guards could not help asking themselves, "Do gods really exist? Modern science denies the existence of gods, but in what way can we explain all that is happening right before our eyes?"

The 610 Police Left after Only Three Minutes

By a Dafa practitioner from Sichuan Province, China

It was about 11:10 in the morning of July 5, 2005. Two policemen from the 610 Office of our county, both named Wang, aged about 38 and 60, came to my home. At the time I was cooking. The younger policeman ordered me to put aside my work at hand and go to have a talk with them. It happened all of a sudden, but I was not in any hurry. I did not answer them and continued to do my cooking and send forth righteous thoughts simultaneously. I asked Teacher in my mind to help strengthen my divine power: "It is true that I still have some human attachments, but that shall be no excuse for the evil to persecute me. Teacher, now I begin to understand that I should not have indulged myself in the routines of going to work and leaving from my work freely every day without doing anything for Fa-rectification, as if the persecution against Falun Gong did not exist at all. All these comforts are transient and short-lived. I will strengthen my righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil elements until the day the persecution stops. I have clarified the truth to these two people already. Today, I will not allow the evil to control them any longer, and I should not have to clarify the truth to them while suffering from their persecution. I order them to leave. Disintegrate the communist's evil specter and other evil elements that control them!"

While I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I said to them: "What are you going to do here? Do you want to persecute me? You are persecuting me and harassing me, do you know that? Leave here, this is no place for you!" Dejected, the two really left without any words. It was only three minutes between the time that they came in and the time they left.