(Clearwisdom.net) At 19 years of age, I lost an arm when I went to war for the Chinese Communist Party. Now I am over 70 years old. Before I practiced Falun Gong I had many diseases including hypertension, arrhythmia, tachycardia, enteritis, influenza, and hemorrhoids. Last year I even contracted an incurable disease, but Falun Dafa saved my life.

At the beginning of September 2004, I lost my appetite and could no longer sleep well. Within one month I used six bags of Chinese medicine, but with no effect. My wife persuaded me to go to the hospital for an examination. I went, but my wife did not tell me the results. She said simply, "Your disease is very severe." After two days, she advised me to go to another hospital for a second opinion, but we got the same diagnosis. "Metastasis lung cancer." Doctors and my wife told me, "There is no medicine in the world to treat this disease."

After that, my wife said to me sincerely, "You can only practice Falun Dafa. Only Master can save you." I started to think about my wife's experience in practicing Falun Gong. The many diseases she had went away and she became very healthy. She never took medicine and she had a good attitude, willingly taking on the bulk of the housework.

For the past eight years, my wife had been urging me to practice Falun Gong, but I did not listen at all. This time, I was persuaded. I have seen many lung cancer patients spend hundreds of thousands of yuan for treatment, then pass away just the same. This disease is really incurable.

Once I decided to begin practicing Falun Dafa, other practitioners enthusiastically sent me the book Zhuan Falun and other writings by Master Li. With the help of my wife, I started practicing the exercises and studying the Fa. As I read Zhuan Falun seriously and practiced the exercises, Master purified my body. I recognized the symptoms of eliminating karma as good things. As a result, I quickly recovered my health. Thanks to Master's compassion, Dafa gave me a second life.

This is my personal experience. I advise those with predestined relationships to obtain Dafa and cultivate. You will benefit and gain health.