(Clearwisdom.net) The Qingdao Police started an intensive manhunt of Falun Gong practitioners on September 26, 2005, in anticipation of the upcoming National Day on October 1. So far, practitioners known to have been illegally arrested and detained are as follows:

Ms. Cui Weirui, from the Shibei District and approximately 56 years old, was arrested from her home in the early morning hours of September 20, 2005. The police also ransacked her home. She is now imprisoned and being forced to attend the 610 Office brainwashing class in Qingdao City.

Ms. Xu Guihua, about 58, is from the Shibei District. She was deceived into leaving her home and later arrested and sent to the Qingdao Prison, where she is forced to attend the 610 brainwashing class.

Ms. Lin, around 60, was arrested by 610 officials and forced to attend the brainwashing class.

Mr. Zhan Guangmin, approximately 65, was employed at the Institute of Agriculture and resided in the vicinity of a normal school in the Licang District. Mr. Zhan was arrested on the afternoon of September 21, together with Mr. Hou, a resident of Jian'an Community in the Licang District. The two are presently imprisoned in the Chengqu Police Station located on the Western Hill of Li Village.

Ms. Ou Yunjie of the Shibei District, who is about 27 years old, was arrested from her home at approximately 8 p.m. on September 21, 2005, together with her mother Ms. Liu. Police ransacked her home and her business, which is a clothing store. The police also took 10,000 yuan in cash that she used to operate her business.

Mr. Wang Donglin, approximately 30, worked at the Haixin Limited Corporation and lived in a rental unit in the Sifang District. He was arrested on September 21, and the police ransacked his home.

Ms. Cui Luning, 33, was employed at the Qingdao City Sodium Silicate Factory. She lived in the company's quarters in Li Cangqu. On September 22, she was arrested and her residence was ransacked by police. She is currently being illegally detained in the Dashan Detention Center of Qingdao City. On the evening of September 21, at around 11 p.m., a man with glasses knocked vigorously on her door to find out if she was home. When there was no response, he knocked on the next-door-neighbor's door to investigate why Ms. Cui was not home. On September 22, a man initiated an inquiry on the phone, trying to make contact with everyone that had made calls to Ms. Cui. He also lied by making up a story that Ms. Cui needed to attend to an urgent matter at home. This is an indication that Ms. Cui Luning's home was already under surveillance by the police.

Mr. Sun Hong, 33, was working at the Qingdao City Textile Hospital and resided in Xiaoweng Village in the Licang District. He and his 32-year-old wife, Min Huirong, were both arrested.

Numerous other practitioners have also been arrested. The details of their whereabouts are still under investigation.

Prior to the incidents above, the Qingdao Police had arrested more than 20 other practitioners who had "enlightened" along the evil path. Many other practitioners were also arrested in the vicinity. According to news leaked from the Residential Committee, the police had previously "reformed" these practitioners. They are now assisting the police in persecuting genuine practitioners and helping the authorities to brainwash others. We are calling on all Dafa disciples in Qingdao and the surrounding area to send forth righteous thoughts intensively on the hour at this critical time to thoroughly eliminate the evil elements, the dark minions, all elements of the communist evil spirit, and all other factors responsible in order to thoroughly eradicate this evil persecution immediately and completely.