(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party has initiated a movement to "maintain the advanced nature" of its members to keep itself from being completely eliminated. In the first half of this year, an army organization held a conference just for that purpose. They wouldn't even excuse old officials who had retired many years ago. They demanded that nobody be absent, be late or leave early. Even those who were visiting, traveling or working out of town had to be called back.

The first morning, most of the old officials showed up at the conference voicing their dissatisfaction, complaining or even cursing. As practitioners, meanwhile, several of us decided to take advantage of this gathering of evil elements in other dimensions to send forth righteous thoughts and focus on clearing away the evil. About 20 practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts every hour together.

After everyone's coordinated efforts, the result was obvious. The evil field appeared to weaken, and the control by evil factors and the communist spirit over those old officials was greatly reduced. The same afternoon, many of the retired officials didn't show up at the conference. Later, fewer and fewer officials were present, despite the mandatory attendance requirement. The next afternoon, out of the one hundred or so retired officials, only a few showed up.

This made the party leaders quite angry. They required the retired officials to make it up later. However, there was little cooperation and the makeup conference had to end hastily.

The CCP's conference gathered for three days, so the Falun Dafa practitioners also sent forth righteous thoughts for three days. By sending forth righteous thoughts like this for three days, we saw clearly that our group cooperation and united righteous thoughts and actions have great power and effect.