(Clearwisdom.net) Dozens of practitioners are illegally imprisoned in the Zhongba "Correctional" Camp, originally called the Eighth Men's Forced Labor Camp in Zhongba, in Guizhou Province. They are imprisoned in First, Second and Third Divisions of the Fifth Unit. Some practitioners were tied to a bed for 12 days, some were being brutally beaten, and some had feces stuffed into their mouths. As a result of constant abuse, some of them finally became mentally disoriented.

The camp established a "Monitoring and Control Team," a "conversation room," and an "Attacking the Determined Team" to persecute practitioners. Practitioners who persevered in their belief were sent to these teams and tortured. Guards incited inmates to beat them. Because the inmates would get "bonus points" and "reduced sentences" as rewards, the inmates readily followed the guards' orders.

Practitioner Mr. Zhao Peng, 30, was detained in the "Monitoring and Control Team." He was tied to a bed for 12 days without sleep. The inmates took turns torturing him and tightened the rope again and again. On August 25, the rope was half an inch deep into his flesh. Later, they forced Mr. Zhao to march military style drills and tortured him when he did not obey. Mr. Zhao now has wounds all over his body

Mr. Liu Ze, over 40 years old, was a math teacher at Renhuai Middle School. When Mr. Liu first entered the camp, he was energetic. He was transferred to the "Attacking the Determined Team" for not obeying orders. They deprived Mr. Liu of sleep for over 20 days and tortured him without letup. They knocked his head against the wall until his head became swollen and covered with bruises. The inmates also stuffed feces into Mr. Liu's mouth. Mr. Liu became mentally disoriented as a result of the constant abuse. He was detained in a psychiatric hospital on July 17, 2005, and ate feces on his own.

Mr. Jiang Chaolin, 63 years old, was a doctor at Qiye Hospital in the Baiyun District of Guiyang City. He was maimed in the "Attacking the Determined Room." His broken rib cage has not healed, and he cannot walk properly.

Mr. Cheng Huazheng, 64 years old, was an employee of Anshun's Native Products Company. He is detained in the "Attacking the Determined Room." The guards beat Mr. Cheng with an iron bar until his leg was broken. He was deprived of sleep for a long time. Mr. Cheng has become mentally unstable and cannot take care of himself.

Mr. Gao Guoyuan, over 30 years old, was a worker in public security and good at martial arts. "Do not fight back when beaten or sworn at" was his attitude when being tortured. He told the guards about peace and compassion. Mr. Guo has been tortured for three years and has wounds all over his body. Now, he moves slowly and dully, and reacts like a completely different person. .

Mr. Ou Xuyong was put in solitary confinement. He passed out while being tortured, but the guards continued to torture him.

Mr. Wang Shangyou is a practitioner from Qingzhen. He has been tortured for three years. Against his consciencehe wrote the Three Statements. On July 19, 2005, he solemnly declared to the police that all his actions were completely null and void. Mr. Wang is now detained in the "legal education program" and "brainwashing center" for further persecution.

The prison guards invented another torture method. During hot days when the temperature is over 90 oF (~32 oC), practitioners are wrapped tightly with cotton pads. Under the scorching sun, the inmates pull and drag on the practitioners to make them run. Many practitioners pass out during this torture.

One source indicates that practitioners were tortured most brutally in the First and Second Divisions of the Fifth Unit.