(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, due to large numbers of truth-clarifying banners and words appearing everywhere in a certain area in Donggang District, the Political and Judicial Committee, the Public Security Bureau, and several other departments have been following and monitoring practitioners for more than forty days. Finally, between the afternoon of August 23, 2005 and the morning of August 24, 2005, they illegally arrested eleven Dafa practitioners (Wan Xiuhua, Gai Yannian, Zhang Honglan, Sun Shurong, Sun Ronghua, Xin Shulan, Sun Shuqing, Wang Qiu, Pan Changxin, Sun Shuying and Wang Chun at Gushan Hill and Pusa Temple areas.) At around noontime on August 29, Dafa practitioner Sun Juan was reported to the authorities while clarifying the truth, and was arrested and taken to the Donggang Detention Center by the Qianyang Police Station.

The ones responsible for this large scale abduction are: Political and Judicial Bureau Secretary Chen Fumao, Deputy City Mayor and Public Security Bureau Chief Lai Jianhua, as well as Deputy Bureau Chief Kong Xianmin, who gathered more than 50 policemen to support them in this raid. Under instructions from Lai Jianhua and Kong Xianmin, the avid support and cooperation of Re-education member Gao Feng and Deputy Office Chief Song Dali, and the National Protection Team, Wang Runlong was in charge of this operation. Ren Dashui from the Haiyanghong Police Station at Pusa Temple Town was another main accomplice, while the Pusa Temple Police Station, Huangtukan Police Station and the Gushan Traffic Police Team also participated and cooperated.

The recent large-scale arrests are another example of persecution towards Falun Gong cultivators by criminals in the Donggang area under their superior's orders.

On June 14, when the Dandong Political and Judicial Committee Secretary Wang Baozhi was transferred to work in the Judicial and Committee area in Donggang, he declared that, "We have to persecute Falun Gong resolutely!" and that Falun Gong is "a great enemy, we have to strengthen our notions in fighting against them." In this arrest operation, policemen brutally assaulted Falun Gong practitioners with punches and kicks, and many policemen forcibly threw practitioners onto their cars without showing any credentials. Moreover, they broke into and ransacked practitioners' housing, confiscating practitioners' possessions for themselves, and even took the money that some practitioners carried on themselves and put it in their own pockets. No forms, paper work, or lawful procedures were carried out. Moreover, the Donggang City Stability Protection Office has even awarded praise to those people and departments who were involved in this operation. Wang Runlong, Sun Ke and other such officials were even promoted and awarded high salaries.

During the past six years of persecution, the Donggang police station has followed the Jiang regime and has imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners into labor camps, jails and brainwashing classes etc. to persecute them. Hundreds of practitioners have been arrested, illegally detained, and blackmailed. To date, there are still practitioners imprisoned in Shenyang and Benxi Prisons, as well as the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Liu Mei and Liu Yanjun have already been tortured so brutally that they are emaciated and living on the brink of death. Shi Jinying and Li Xinliang were forced into mental collapse due to persecution. University student Wang Qiang was persecuted to such an extent that he is now in a persistent vegetative state (a coma), and Zhao Kaisheng, Li Ji, as well as 29-year-old Lian Ping were persecuted to death.