(Clearwisdom.net) Ten-year-old Rourou is a pretty little girl. She started practicing Falun Gong nine months ago. Although she is very young, she does the three things diligently that Falun Gong practitioners are required to do.

Below is her narration of some incidents that happened recently. A fellow practitioner has written it down to share with others.

Recently, when Rourou was practicing the second set of exercises, holding the law wheel, she saw many people kneeling down in front of her. The people wore shabby clothes and looked very worried. They kept on begging her, "Save us! Save us!" Rourou asked them to get up but one old man among them said, "We are the sentient beings of your world. You must promise us to cultivate diligently. Only then will we get up and stop kneeling, because only when you manage to successfully accomplish cultivation can we be saved."

Rourou hurriedly said, "Okay, okay, I promise you! Please, get up quickly," The people then got up. Rourou looked at them and asked why they wore such shabby clothes.

The people replied, "It is because you did not cultivate diligently. That's why we are in this state." Rourou thought, "Whether I cultivate well or not determines whether or not the sentient beings in my world can be rescued. With such a huge responsibility I must cultivate diligently and offer more sentient beings salvation."

At 4 o'clock in the morning, Rourou's yuanshen flew to a world that was golden bright and shiny. Even the vegetation was all golden. The trees and flowers greeted Rourou and said, "You must cultivate diligently and must not be playful."

Rourou nodded her head and continued to fly forward. A palace appeared before her that was shimmering and golden. There were a few words on top, "Welcome home, our Lord!" There were many celestial sentinels guarding the palace. Rourou flew into the palace. The palace was even more beautiful inside. There were a lot of people on both sides. An empty seat stood at a high place in the middle. Rourou thought, "This seat is mine" Thus she wanted to sit down there. Someone stopped her and said, "Now, you are neither a king nor a lord. Wait until you complete your cultivation and reach Consummation. Then you can sit there."

One day Rourou suddenly had the symptoms of a high fever. Rourou and her mother immediately sent forth righteous thoughts. The feverish symptoms went away, but the next day they came back and Rourou had a headache. Rourou's mother's heart was moved and she said to Rourou, "Take some medicine." Rourou said, "Mother, you should take a good look at yourself. You do not have steadfast faith in Master and in Dafa. You should also let go of the attachment to qing."

Rourou used zipper-lock bags to hold truth clarifying materials. One particular bag refused to seal. Rourou said to it, "Zipper-lock bag, do you know what you are doing? You are participating in the salvation of sentient beings." The bag cried and said, "I know, but I cannot bear to part with you." Rourou told it softly, "There are so many zipper-lock bags in the world. You had the good fortune to be bought by a practitioner and used to offer sentient beings salvation. How lucky you are. You must treasure this predestined relationship. This is a matter full of merit. You will have a beautiful future."

The zipper-lock bag nodded and agreed. Rourou pressed the bag closed and sealed it up. Rourou happily said, "Good! Then you should try your best to let people read the truth about Falun Gong." All the bags then said, "Please be assured! We will definitely let people read the truth-clarifying materials."

Now, Rourou always tells the bags and the truth clarifying materials about their duties and the wonders they take part in, saving sentient beings. Realizing that they too are sentient beings, she wants them all to understand their responsibility.

Rourou has another habit. When she goes out to distribute truth-clarifying materials she says to her mother's motorcycle, "When you are helping us to distribute the materials and offer sentient beings salvation, you must be flexible when driving." After she finished distributing the materials Rourou would pat the motorcycle and say, "Thank you. You had a hard time!" The motorcycle said to her, "It is not tough. For the sake of offering sentient beings salvation I am willing to do anything."

When this matter was brought up, Rourou's mother said, "When we go out to distribute materials, it was so easy to drive the motorcycle. It was flexible when making turns and U-turns."