(Clearwisdom.net) When my family began cultivating in Dafa, our compassionate Teacher helped us purify our bodies and spirits. All of us benefited tremendously. After the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang's regime began, my entire family suffered brutal persecution, including my wife, who was persecuted to death. Here I am giving the facts of how my family suffered from the persecution.

In the evening on July 22, 1999, my entire family went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong in accordance with Chinese law. Village security officer Jia Zhituo brought seven or eight men from Bincao Township, including the Secretary of the Political and Judicial Committee Song Qingzhuang, who has already suffered retribution, Police Chief Tian Shining, Wang Dawei, Judicial Bureau Chief Zhang Changan, and Guo Xiao, and broke into my house. They confiscated many Dafa books and related materials and damaged our Teacher's picture and a Falun picture. After I returned home, they arrested me and brought me to the village police station. I was handcuffed to the legs of a table for a night. On the second day, I was tied to a lamppost and brutally beaten. On the third day, I was taken to a brainwashing class and forced to write a Guarantee Statement, stating that I would not practice Falun Gong anymore.

At the end of November 1999, my wife and I went to Beijing to validate Dafa again. However, we were arrested at a Shenzhou City practitioner's home by police officer Shang Yunxing and taken to the police department. Four political security committee members, including Jia Shuangwan and Zhang Yuchao, attacked us with electric batons and shocked our heads and faces while kicking and punching us. We refused to submit to their demands and were illegally imprisoned in the city police station and persecuted. They used our family members, who did not know the truth, to manipulate our emotions to compel us to write the so-called Guarantee Statement against our will, while we were in an irrational state.

In late 2000, the village Political and Judicial Committee and police officers arrested my wife and son for distributing truth-clarification materials and took them to the detention center again. My son suffered inhumane torture at the hands of the police, including Jia Shuangwan. Many scars were left on his body. He was so badly injured that he now has trouble controlling his bowels.

I was forced to leave home. Due to my wife and son's determined will to continue cultivation, they were illegally imprisoned in the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. My wife suffered immensely, but she finally made it out of the camp under Teacher's protection. My son was forced to write the Guarantee Statement under intense pressure and was released a year later.

In the autumn of 2001, my wife went to Beijing to validate the Fa once more and was illegally arrested by city detention center officials and abused. After more than ten days on a hunger strike, she was able to leave the detention center again under Teacher's protection.

Her body and mind were deeply affected by the long-term persecution. In the spring of 2005, the local village criminal Jia Zhituo broke into our home and threatened that the village would take away our real estate if we did not give up practicing Falun Dafa. My wife and I tried to reason with him, but instead of listening to us, he began cursing us. My wife suffered symptoms of a cerebral hemorrhage from the stress, and could not tend to her daily activities. Under such great pain, she could not even sleep or eat well, and she died. I say she was persecuted to death.

During the Chinese New Year 2001, I went to Beijing to validate the Fa, but was illegally detained in the Hengshui Station after the authorities recognized me. That night, I was taken back to the village government by the village government secretary. When they walked into the house with handcuffs in their hands, I asked Master to strengthen me and was able to escape with righteous thoughts.

On February 13, 2004, Security Committee member Jia Siqing brought more than ten policemen from the Shenzhou City Police Department, including Jia Shuangwan and Zhang Yuchao, and broke into my home again. They illegally confiscated a cell phone, one large and one small cassette player, cassette tapes of Teacher's lectures, Dafa books and other materials. They cuffed my hands behind my back and I was held in the city detention center for 50 days before they illegally sentenced me to two years of imprisonment at the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp.

At the camp, I maintained strong righteous thoughts and did righteous deeds. I believed in Teacher strongly and did well the three things that Teacher requires of us. Because the other practitioners and I did not conform to the evil's demands, more than ten guards, including Wang Guoyou, Team Leader Diao and Yan Fei, came to persecute us. We were shocked severely with electric batons and punched and kicked by seven or eight policemen. I cried out for Teacher with righteous thoughts, stunning them. They stopped the persecution immediately. Later, due to a long-term attachment that I have not given up, I wrote the Four Statements against my will. Since then, with righteous thoughts, I have written a Solemn Declaration voiding those statements.

Around 7 p.m. on September 4, 2004, I asked Teacher to give me strength. I made it out of the labor camp with righteous thoughts and once again immersed myself in the Fa-rectification.