(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Niu Yuhuan, a Dafa practitioner who was illegally detained in the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp, has been tortured to the point that she was emaciated and she could not walk. Her heart stopped beating several times and her life was in danger, however the authorities still refused to release her on medical grounds.

Ms. Niu Yuhuan, fifty-three years old, used to be an employee of the Jiamusi Railroad Company. She retired in 2003. Because she practiced Dafa, she was repeatedly arrested after the persecution began in 1999.

On November 17, 2004, the police officers from the Jiamusi Police Department surprised Niu Yuhuan in front of her home. They pulled her keys out of her hands, entered the house and illegally ransacked it. With the excuse of seeking Dafa books, the policemen took her to the Jiamusi Detention Center and detained her there. Niu Yuhuan went on hunger strike for 28 days and was illegally sent to the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp on December 15, 2004. At that time she could not walk and she had to be carried to the forced labor camp.

In February 2005 Niu Yuhuan and other Dafa practitioners declared together that their Three Statements were invalid. On March 2 she was viciously beaten by four male guards and Team Leaders Hong Wei and Li Xiujin. Dafa practitioner Wang Qi was tortured with an electric baton and became paralyzed (he was recently released); practitioner Meng Fanli's term was prolonged; practitioner Fan Xiaohua's legs were severely tortured with an electric baton (three months later she still had a 15 centimeters scar); Niu Yuhuan was pounded by guard Li Xiujin on the chest, in an area where she had skin cancer. She suffered pains for the whole next night, her heart disease recurred, and her situation became serious. She lay in bed for the next three months, and was sent to the hospital several times due for emergency treatment. On two occasions she requested to be kept in the hospital for treatment but the labor camp did not approve it.

On June 6, 2005 the deputy team leader of the 7th team, Li Xiujin, forced Niu Yuhuan to work in a workshop. Because Niu Yuhuan could neither walk nor work, they punished her by forcing her to lie on the concrete floor for nearly two months. On several occasions, the authorities removed the cushion she lay on, and forced her to sit instead of lie down. Li Xiujin forced her to sit on the tiger bench, calling it a "comfortable chair." Niu Yuhuan was once forced to sit on tiger bench for a whole day, and she was tortured so severely that she cried out in pain, yet the guards were overjoyed. The guards ordered criminal inmates to drag her and her ribs were hurt so badly that she could not tolerate it, yet the guards cursed her violently. Niu Yuhuan suffered from such severe torture that she looked over sixty years old. She was tortured to skin and bones and can hardly walk, but the labor camp still will not release her. She received medical examinations several times, but the guards did not show the results to her or her family. They only told them that her case is not serious enough, so she couldn't be bailed out for medical treatment.

Several times since March 2, Niu Yuhuan has been tortured so badly that her heart stopped beating. Now she can only eat a small bun every day and go to rest room once or twice a day.

Attached are the phone numbers of the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp: (Area Code: 0454)
Director Office Jiang Zuoqi: 86-454-8891998, 86-454-6112001
Commissioner Fu Maosen: 86-454-8891890, 86-454-6112002
Deputy Director Yao Debin (retired): 86-454-6112003
Deputy Director Sun Dehong (retired): 86-454-6112004
Deputy Director Guan Dejun: 86-454-6112005
Deputy Director Xu Lifeng: 86-454-8892055, 86-454-6112006
The resident procurator at the Forced Labor Camp, Wang Hongming: 86-454-6112288
Police station: 86-454-6112056
Male transformation team leader, Yang Chunlong: 86-454-6112009
Male transformation team deputy leader, Guo Gang: 86-454-6112085
Male transformation team office staff, Yang Chunming: 86-454-6112086
Male transformation team office: 86-454-6112087
Section One of Male transformation team: 86-454-6112089
Section Two Male transformation team: 86-454-6112090
Head of Female Division, Wang Xin (male): 86-454-6112091
Commissioner of Female Division, Wang Xiurong: 86-454-6112092
Deputy Head of Female Division, Zhang Xiaodan, Yu Wenbin (female), Mu Zhenjuan: 86-454-6112093
Female Division, 2nd floor office, Liu Yadong (leader of the 8th section): 86-454-6112096
Female Division, 3rd floor office, Hong Wei (leader of the 7th section): 86-454-6112097
Officials in Jiamusi involved in the persecution:
Former administration division head at the forced labor camp, Xu Hengji: 86-454-6169556 (Home)
Head of 610 Office in Jiamusi, Chen Wanyou: 86-454-8255310 (Cell)

Male policemen:

Division Head, Yang Chunlong: 86-13845472600 (Cell)
Deputy Head, Zhang Hailin: 86-13945469596 (Cell)
Diao Yukun: 86-13945463012 (Cell)
Han Wei: 86-1394546334 (Cell)
Police Li: 86-13846169023 (Cell)
Tang Tieming: 86-13704861770 (Cell)
Xu Xinyue: 86-454-8404128