(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Liu Huimin. I joined the Chinese Army in 1986 and was successively promoted to Squad Leader, Company Quartermaster and Deputy Company Assistant Commander. In November 1999, I was forced to resign from the army because I practice Falun Gong. I worked as a deputy director of Qinglong County Guesthouse in Hebei Province. I was later sentenced to 5 years in prison and suffered brutal persecution in Hebei Province No. 4 Prison for appealing on behalf of Falun Gong.

In July 2000, officers from the County Police Department, for no apparent reason, arrested more than 40 Dafa practitioners who were working on a farm. On August 2, I went to the County Appeals Office requesting the release of these practitioners and that Teacher's good name be restored. I was sentenced to five years in prison for this.

I was imprisoned at Hebei Province No. 4 Prison located in the northern suburb of Shijiazhuang City. This prison is a hell on earth. I often suffered physical torture and verbal abuse. Criminals who had committed murder, rape and robbery became assistants of the guards by closely monitoring Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioner Zhang Weijin in Division No. 4 was forced to work with handcuffs on. Practitioner Wang Shujun in Division No. 6 had bruises all over his head from torture. However, our benevolence, righteous thoughts and righteous deeds touched the criminals, and two of them started practicing Dafa.

The brainwashing was inhuman. On February 28, 2003, the guards started another round of persecution. They locked me in a visiting room and closed the windows and doors. They forced me to sit on a bench for a long time every day, listening to two collaborators, Zhang Dongsheng and Zheng Xiangqian, attempting to brainwash me. After failing to "transform" me, the collaborators suggested that the guards torture me. At night four guards threatened and beat me. The brainwashing continued for half a month. Later, they locked me in the broadcasting room next to the stage.

The broadcasting room is soundproof so it became the guards' favorite place to torture practitioners. In the broadcasting room, the guards did not allow me to use the restroom, to eat or drink, and they did not even allow me to wear a jacket in the winter. I was forced to urinate in my pants and wear the wet pants after washing them. They turned the bench upside down and forced me to sit on the tip of a bench leg. They did not allow me to sleep, and when I was tired, they rubbed my eyeballs with a dry towel. I lost my memory due to the brutal abuse, but inmates told me the following:

At night, guard Zhang Zhonglin and his assistant tortured me. I was beaten to the ground, but I sat up. They beat me down again and I sat up again. They did not stop the beating until they were exhausted.

In the morning, they opened the door and found that my clothes were soaked with blood. The guards planned to wash the blood out to hide the evidence, but I refused to give them my clothes. The guard ordered his criminal assistant to kick me in the groin. I collapsed onto the ground immediately and they removed my clothing. Later I was sent back to the cell and forced to work. One of my ribs was broken due to the torture.

The next day, as soon as I recovered a little I started telling people the truth about Dafa. Under Master's protection, I have fully recovered within one month without taking any medicine.

Having suffered from a partially missing memory and 30 days of forced brainwashing and torture, I experienced the seriousness and the difficulties of cultivation. I would not have been able to pass this tribulation without Master's hints and the Fa I had studied earlier. Prior to this tribulation, I had a dream that on my way back home, a high mountain was in front of me and my home was on the other side of the mountain.

During the tribulation, I constantly followed the Fa and corrected myself. I truly understood the meaning of keeping the Fa in my heart and treating everything with benevolence. On the morning after the torture, I saw Falun in the room, which were turning so peacefully. I will cultivate into a selfless life that exists for the truth of the Universe.