(Clearwidsom.net) The guards at the Shiliping Forced Labor Camp in Zhejiang Province have used many different torture methods against Falun Gong practitioners who refuse to give up their belief. The torture methods include: the water dungeon, the tiger bench, shocking practitioners with electric batons, force-feeding them chili water, hanging and hitting them, confining them, and depriving them of sleep for several days. They have locked some practitioners up in a small cell of less than 10 square meters and tied them to chairs. Day and night, the guards shine strong searchlights on them and put 80-decibel loudspeakers next to their ears. The following are some examples of persecution cases.

Practitioner Jiang Jialin was once handcuffed behind his back onto window bars with his tiptoes only slightly touching the ground. After five days and nights, his hands and feet were swollen from edema, and his skin had blisters as thick as one inch.

Fan Zhongzhuang, a farmer over 50 years of age, was once hung from an iron gate for 15 hours. As a result, his hands and feet were badly injured, and the scar is still visible.

Practitioner Zhang Chuanwen was tortured for several days and nights. Afterwards, the guards pressured him to eat some food that was mixed with unknown drugs. The food seemed to be covered with oil. Some kind-hearted people warned Zhang Chuanwen not to eat the oil, because it might make him lose consciousness.

Practitioner Mr. Zhang Jianbo, age 30, is from Xiantao City, Hubei Province. He was a graduate student at Zhejiang Industry University. He went on a hunger strike for 49 days in the Shiliping Forced Labor Camp in Zhejiang Province. As a result, his life was in imminent danger.

Zhu Hongmai, a staff member of the Quhua Company in Zhejiang Province, was locked up and beaten.

Guo Xianwen, from Yuhuan County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, was segregated long- term. He went on a hunger strike but was force-fed. For nine months, beginning in August 2003, he was locked up in a small cell. His body swelled up all over due to the long-term mental and physical torture. His life was in serious danger several times.

October 12, 2005