Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Guilan, 43, is from Toubao Village, Wubao Town, Zhoulu County. In October 2004, Ms. Yang went to Beijing to send forth righteous thoughts and validate the Fa. The police arrested her and sent her to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp, where she was brutally persecuted.

On October 13, 2004, Ms. Yang had just arrived at Tiananmen Square when the police appeared and began to interrogate her. The police found Dafa flyers and truth clarifying materials in her possession and used this as evidence to "arrest" her. Ms. Yang grabbed hold of a car tire and refused to get into the police car. Six or seven police officers then grabbed her and pushed her inside the car. Once she was in the car, the police pushed Ms. Yang's head down onto the floor and pulled her hair while stepping on her back. They took her to the Tiananmen Police Station and illegally interrogated her. They asked Ms. Yang for her name and address, but she refused to answer. The police found a local practitioner's solemn statement (a statement declaring one's renunciation of Falun Gong as null and void) and discovered Ms. Yang's address. The local police liaison in Beijing was then called to take her away. At 3 p.m., Zhang from the county police department, Wang, Ji Wenshi and Deputy Director Ren from the Wubao Township Police Station took Ms. Yang to the county detention center. The county 610 Office took her into custody, citing violation of public order as the charge.

That same day, Li Yubin, the Toubao Village Brigade secretary, Wang Gui, a police officer, the director of the township 610 Office, and Du You, deputy head of the township, forced Yang's husband Mr. Ye Yongbin to go to the brigade. They told him that he was being fined 20,000 yuan because his wife went to Beijing. Since Mr. Ye didn't have any money, they confiscated his tractor. The next day these officials called Mr. Ye's brother-in-law to the village commission and forced him to give 5000 yuan to them. They also forced Ms. Yang to write a statement acknowledging that she owed the fine before they would release Mr. Ye. Three days later, the brigade, the village commission, and the township government sold Mr. Ye's tractor for 1,500 yuan and then went straight to a restaurant and spent the money on an extravagant meal. After 15 days, the police unlawfully sentenced Ms. Yang to three years in a forced labor camp. Ms. Yang refused to get in the car, so they decided to send her to the Shalingzi City Brainwashing Center first, and detained her there for 35 days. On the morning of December 3, 2004, Dong Fei, head of the township 610 Office, Ren, deputy director of the township police station, and Ma from the county police department, deceived Ms. Yang and took her to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. She was imprisoned in the 5th brigade.

Fan Miaolu, brigade captain, tortured Ms. Yang by beating and insulting her at will. Fan threatened Ms. Yang, "I really want to use a needle to poke you to death." The first few days Ms. Yang was in the camp at the end of December, someone found Falun Gong articles among Ms. Yang's belongings. The police forced Ms. Yang to squat down, while Li Yanji and Shi Jiangxia insulted her and shocked her back with an electric baton. They wanted to force Ms. Yang to reveal the name of the person who gave her the articles, but Ms. Yang refused to cooperate. The police brutally kicked Ms. Yang on the legs, knees and back. Shi Jiangxia was very vicious when it came to beating someone. Shi would beat a prisoner until the prisoner's mouth tore open or they sustained a broken arm. These vicious people targeted Ms. Yang and continually beat and persecuted her.

The camp wouldn't allow practitioners to go outside during noon time and had someone keep watch at the gate. On May 27, 2005, at around 2:30 p.m., all of the practitioners were gathered into a big classroom while the police searched their cells from top to bottom. Yang's comforter was torn open and thrown onto the floor. The police found two of Teacher's articles among Ms. Yang's clothing and violently beat her until late that night. They did not even allow her go to the toilet. Li Yanji and Shi Jiangxia slapped Ms. Yang in the face, used a book to hit her face, and scratched her face with their fingers. The book was torn apart during the beating and the pages were scattered. The beating continued into the night. Yang had a fever (101.3F) and diarrhea that night due to the beating. The guards cursed Yang for three days and forced her to do heavy work such as picking potatoes under the burning sun for three months. Ms. Yang became very ill, with headaches and vomiting. Everything she ate, she would throw up or have diarrhea afterward. Her health gradually declined. One day, at around midnight, Yang experienced a sharp pain in her abdomen, perspired profusely, and fainted in the bathroom. An officer on duty saw Yang in the bathroom. He took her back to her cell and then called the director. The officer then said to Ms. Yang, "It's OK as long as you are not dead." At 8 p.m. on August 30, Yang experienced severe pain in her abdomen again. The doctor examined her and said, "She is dying." The police thus took Ms. Yang to the Gaoyang Hospital. An emergency blood test showed that her hemoglobin was as low as 3.9 (normal is 12-16) and she had blood in her urine. Her situation was grave. She had anemia, a urinary tract infection, acute nephritis, an enlarged gallbladder, leukemia and inflammation of the intestines. Ms. Yang was in a coma and stopped breathing many times. Her face and body were pale and she was expected to die at any time. The next day, on August 31, the police called Ms. Yang's family and asked them to pick her up at the Gaoyang Hospital. They required her family to complete some paper work before releasing her. Four days later, when her family took Ms. Yang home, she was severely under weight and couldn't even lift her arms.

The Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp does not allow practitioners to contact each other, talk to each other or go to the toilet. Someone always monitors the practitioners' daily activities, even while brushing their hair. The police often beat practitioners at will. Ms. Chen Aihong and several other practitioners refused to follow the guards' orders to answer roll call or to wear the prison uniforms. Ms. Liu Yuanling refused to wear the uniform. Captain Li Yanji, along with officers Jiang Shixia, Tian Zhili, Fan Miaolu and Wang Qian, stripped Ms. Liu and confiscated all of her clothes. Liu wore only shorts and a vest. Other practitioners were not allowed to provide Liu with clothes or they would also be punished.

Jiang Shixia used an electric baton to beat Ms. Liu Yuanling on her back and trampled on Liu's shoulders and legs. Ms. Liu's shoulders became bruised and swollen. Fan Miaolu used plastic clubs to brutally beat Ms. Liu's neck, spine and back. Ms. Liu immediately fell and couldn't get up. They forced Ms. Liu to sit on the ground and wouldn't allow her to sit on her bed. One day someone gave Ms. Liu a shirt, but another prisoner knocked Ms. Liu to the ground and cut the shirt into strips with scissors. The police ordered three prisoners to get the uniform on Ms. Liu within 10 minutes; otherwise the prisoners would be punished. The prisoners then tortured Ms. Liu by slapping, beating and kicking her. Ms. Liu was tortured to the point that she became very weak. Two prisoners took Ms. Liu to an open area and brutally beat her. Then they dragged her around on the ground as they ran laps. If Ms. Liu tried to defend herself, the prisoners would twist her arms behind her back. When they returned Ms. Liu to her cell, the prisoners dragged her up the stairs, causing injury to her legs. They warned Ms. Liu that the torture would continue until she put on the prison uniform. Ms. Liu still refused to wear the uniform. The police finally gave up on forcing Ms. Liu to wear it.