On October 10, 2005, Falun Dafa practitioner Sun Yuncheng was arrested in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. Lawless personnel confiscated her cell phone and phonebook, and then tried to use the information to carry out a large-scale persecution of other practitioners in the Xi'an area. Falun Gong practitioner Xiao Liang, who lives in the same house as Sun Yuncheng, was arrested at the same time. Practitioner Wang Jiali, who works at the Xi'an Jiaotong University, was later arrested at work.

Ms. Sun Yuncheng, 48 years old, was originally an employee at the Satellite Detection and Control Centre in Xi'an City. She started to practice Falun Dafa around 1997.

Sun Yuncheng went to Beijing in December 2000 to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. She was sentenced to one-and-a half years of forced labor and was detained in the Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp, where she was brutally beaten and severely persecuted. She was once beaten so badly that she became incapacitated. During the unlawful forced labor incarceration, her husband, (a deputy division commander), was implicated, and was forced to be transferred to civilian work. He was also compelled to divorce his wife under stringent pressure. Those were the reasons behind Sun Yuncheng losing her job and her family after her release in June 2002. She had nowhere to go and could only stay temporarily at some practitioners' homes.

On September 12, 2003, personnel from the Xi'an City Beilin Police Station arrested Sun Yuncheng during an act of persecuting another Falun Gong practitioner. Ms Sun was then put up temporarily at another practitioner's house. The perpetrators forcibly snatched the 40 thousand yuan in cash she had from the divorce settlement. In addition, the officials used the excuse of "unknown identity, unknown source of money and refusal to reveal identity" to once again detain Sun Yuncheng.

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Sun Yuncheng went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. She was then sent to the Xi'an City Police Prison Hospital (Ankang Hospital), where she continued her hunger strike. The police subjected her to all kinds of torture. They beat her on her face and mouth and roughly force-fed her. They permitted her to sleep only on a wooden board bed and did not give her any blankets. She was forbidden to go to the toilet, forcing her to relieve herself in her clothing and on the bed. They also injected her with unknown drugs.

In August 2005, with the collaboration of Falun Dafa practitioner's righteous thoughts, Sun Yuncheng went to the Xi'an City Beilin Police Department to get back her 40 thousand yuan that the police unlawfully grabbed from her in 2003. The police first tried to defend themselves, and then tried to stall. But with the power of strong righteous thoughts from practitioners, the police eventually had no choice but to return the money. They also hurriedly removed the two boards from their front door that said "Xi'an City Beilin Police Department."

After this incident, the Xi'an City 610 Office focused on Sun Yuncheng as an important Falun Gong target in Xi'an City and instigated the Xi'an City Police Department and National Security Bureau to pursue and arrest her. An agent from the National Security Bureau discovered Sun Yuncheng and tailed her. On October 10, 2005, she was secretly arrested in the Chang'an District in Xi'an City. On October 14, many police officers went to Sun Yuncheng's temporary residence at the Xi'an Jiaotong [Transportation] University to ransack her house. They also posted several agents around her residence for a possible ambush of other Falun Dafa practitioners.

Contact numbers for the Xi'an Police Department

Office telephone no: 86-29-87274280
Main telephone line: 86-29-87234500, 86-29-87275121
Direct telephone line for the Police Chief: 86-29-87517095

Telephone numbers of Shaanxi Province 610 Office: 86-29-85582881, 86-29-85582090, 86-29-85582695, 86-29-85582947, 86-29-85582009, 86-29-85582519, 86-29-85582725

Xi'an Jiaotong University 610 Office: 86-29-82665007

Xi'an City Beilin Police Department Branch, National Security Brigade: (Li Zhi'an) 86-29-87420844, (Bao Xiaoming) (86-29-87455719)

Xi'an City Beilin District Police Department: 86-29-87422862, 86-29-87455117, 86-29-87425341, 86-29-87423315, 86-29-87431184, 86-29-87454471, 86-29-87458026

Shaanxi Province Government Police Hall: 86-29-87215051(main telephone line), 86-29-87265555, 86-29-86165555

Xi'an City Chang'an District Police Department: 86-29-85294733, 86-29-85650911, 86-29-85650937, 86-29-85650933, 86-29-85650927, 86-29-85650925

October 20, 2005