(Clearwisdom.net) Master Li traveled to Jinan City, Shandong Province on January 24, 1994, to teach the Fa. Several local Dafa practitioners from Guan County went to the train station with the host organization to meet Master. Among the several of us, I was the only one who had never seen Master in person. Although I was very excited before going to the train station to see Master, I also felt that the event was incomparably sacred.

At 4:30 p.m., we first saw Ms. Liu in the underground passageway. After someone took her big knapsack, she said, "Please quickly greet Master. He is behind me." In the boundless crowd, I saw a middle-aged man of a great stature walking steadily towards us with a smile on his face. He wore a yellow coat, black pants, and carried an old-style suitcase. When Master saw us, I could not help but shout: "Teacher Li, we came to meet you!"

Master was very happy to walk with us. We took the suitcase and crowded around Master's side. I reported to Teacher about when we came here and how many people we had. Master then mentioned a person's name and asked if he was there. We replied that he was. Master was very happy. Suddenly, a warm current passed rapidly across my whole body. I felt light, and was extremely comfortable. There was nothing in my mind and I was unable to say anything. I could feel my whole body shining with the Buddha's light. I never experienced this kind of feeling in my life. No language in the world could express it.

Master then got into the car. He smiled and waved goodbye to us. Tears were already streaming down our faces.

In the short ten minutes I was there, it seemed like a dream. How extraordinary our Master is! How thrifty and how amiable Master is! How sacred! He is the Master we have searched many years for, and I saw Him in person that day.

There is no way to express in words what Master has given to me. Only when we righteously follow Master to the end and complete our grand prehistoric vow, do we not fall short of Master's great sacrifice. I would like to encourage everyone with Master's poem from Hong Yin.

Destined Return for the Holy Fruition

Oh how many the years, looking for the master,
Finally the day has arrived to meet him.
Cultivate and return, the Fa now gained,
And follow your master to return, consummated

January 23, 1996
Hong Yin (Translation Version A)

October 2, 2005