(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wan Hongxia is a practitioner from Langfang, Tianjin City. Because she did not give up practicing Falun Gong, the local police arrested her in June and sent her to a brainwashing center as well as a detention center for further persecution. Because of the torture she was forced to endure, Ms. Wan can no longer take care of herself. Nevertheless, she was illegally sentenced to three years.

Ms. Wang was an employee of the Qianfeng Machine Plant. Before taking up the practice of Falun Gong, she used to have many illnesses. Severely injured in her youth, her ribs and legs were broken and she once had a brain tumor that caused severe pain and later paralysis on one side of the body. Although she went to see doctors in many hospitals, the illnesses did not improve but instead became worse. After Ms. Wan started to practice Falun Dafa, her health improved dramatically and the illnesses did not come back. In this way, she helped both her employer and the nation reduce medical expenses.

Ms. Wan used to have a happy and harmonious family. After Jiang's regime began to persecute Falun Gong in 1999, Ms. Wan could no longer live a peaceful life. Because she did not give up her belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," she was illegally detained four times, and her employment was terminated.

One day in 2001 at 2 a.m., seven or eight police officers broke into Ms. Wan's home. Upon entering, they handcuffed Ms. Wan's husband, then started to brutally beat Ms. Wan. They grabbed her hair and dragged her from one room to another, yanking out plenty of hair in the process. Ms. Wan was beaten so badly that she had a problem with urinary incontinence. There were bruises all over her body, and her face was swollen. The policemen's violent actions woke up the neighbors. They wanted to come up to stop the brutality but were stopped by the police in the stairway. Finally, several policemen took Ms. Wan's husband downstairs and stuffed him into the car. The police also took away the couple's licenses, personal documents and other personal electronic devices such as their cell phones, which still have not been returned.

After her husband was taken away, Ms. Wan managed to stand up and run after the police to ask them why they had taken their belongings. When the police refused to answer, Ms. Wan was so upset that she collapsed to the ground. People at the scene were very angry. Weren't the police behaving like bandits? Ms. Wan's family members went to the police station afterwards to ask about it. The police were very rude and threatened to detain them for interfering.

After Ms. Wan's husband was detained for more than half a year, he was illegally sent to Tangshan Forced Labor Camp for three years. The police later returned to his home to harass Ms. Wan, who had no choice but leave her home due to the constant harassment.

Nobody was available to care for their child, a teenager, who was facing college entrance exams when the father was arrested and the mother was forced to leave home. The child was afraid that the police would come, so dared not stay at home. With its parents missing, the child did not do well at school or at home. Under such enormous pressure, the child did poorly in the exams. When the child wanted to try for one more year, the school officials did not allow it. Instead they pressured the child for the mother's whereabouts.

Ms. Wan's husband eventually returned home. To make a living, he borrowed money and bought a car. Soon after, however, the police held the car in the police station for more than one month in order to pressure him for Ms. Wan's whereabouts. They also went to Ms. Wan's relatives--no matter how close or distant--to look for her.

On June 17 of this year, the police from the Langfang Police Department arrested Ms. Wan. The same day, the police also stopped her husband, who was then working as a taxi driver, in the middle of the road and detained him. That afternoon the police went to ransack their home and confiscate their property. Everything was in such a mess that it remains unknown how many things were lost since both husband and wife were arrested.

At 5 p.m. on the same day, seven or eight police officers went to Ms. Wan's younger brother's home and her mother's home to search, but were refused entry. Later, Ms. Wan's family members went to the police station several times to ask about the whereabouts of the couple, but the police said that they did not know anything about it. The police had arrested the couple and then refused to admit it. Their family members, very worried, went again to the police station to ask about the couple's whereabouts. The police did not only did not tell them but also video-recorded the process, apparently to plot against them. When she was questioning the police, Ms. Wan's mother walked up to stop them from videotaping, when one of the officers brutally kicked her. Ms. Wan's mother, almost 70 years old, was kicked to the ground and developed a big bump on her head.

More than two months have passed, and Ms. Wan is still illegally detained. The police first sent her to a brainwashing center located in the Jiaotong Hotel for mental persecution. Later, they sent her to a detention center for further persecution. Ms. Wan used to be very healthy but is now very sick, and her old illnesses have recurred. Right now, half of her body does not function well, she cannot walk, and she cannot take care of herself. Nevertheless the police have not released her and have even sentenced her to three years' hard labor. She even had to be carried to the court for the so-called trial.

We hope people can pay attention to the unreasonable persecution that Ms. Wan is experiencing and support her.

President of the Court, the Anci District of Langfang City: 86-316-2ll4961

Criminal Department: 86-316-2114385

Department Head Ma Zhenhong: 86-316-2112850 86-13231635098(Cell)

Party Secretary for Political and Judicial Bureau Sun Diangao: 86-316-2028508 (this is the phone number for the front desk)

Party Secretary of the City Wang Zengli: 86-316-2054349

Head of Langfang City 610 Office: 86-316-2015211x6162

Han Zhiguang, Room 201, Unit 4, Building 2, Chunhe District of Langfang City, Tianjin 065000

Xianfeng Machine Plant in Langfang City, Hebei Province: 86-316-2665858

September 2, 2005