Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province has two "teams" and detains over 100 Falun Gong practitioners in the male team, and over 50 practitioners in the female team. The No. 8 team is the team of old, weak, sick and disabled people. The practitioners are forced to sit on wooden chairs. All tables have been taken away so as not to allow them to lie prone, but other detainees can lie down in the bedrooms. It was policeman Liu Yadong's idea to force Dafa practitioners to sit in the chairs for the whole day. He has been persecuting Dafa practitioners over the past few years.

The No. 7 team didn't have work to do in late July. In order to allow the policemen to take a vacation, the labor camp forced Dafa practitioners to sit on chairs in rooms on the third floor every day from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., except the time when they ate or used the toilet. In the evening, they were ordered to move to the No. 8 team on the second floor to sleep. July and August are the hottest months in China's Northeast region. Over 30 people were squeezed in one room in the No. 7 team and there were over 20 people per room in the No. 8 team. The air indoors was very bad and it was stuffy and damp in the room due to continuous raining. Seven or eight Dafa practitioners in the No. 7 team didn't feel well and for some of them, this lasted for several months.

Many practitioners who had recovered from their old diseases and become healthy after starting to practice Falun Dafa, had relapses of their old diseases or incurred new diseases, such as heart disease, hepatitis, hypertension, diabetes, etc, because they could not study Dafa and practice the exercises for a long time and also because they suffered from brutal torture in addition to the heavy pressure and terrible food that everyday people cannot imagine. In addition, they could not receive proper treatment. Even when some practitioners went to see doctors at their own expense, the police didn't allow them to see their own physical examination results and only told those practitioners that they would not die. The police tried to shirk their responsibility.

The torture was so severe that some Dafa practitioners were injured, crippled and even paralyzed, and could not walk anymore. Yet the police still forced them to move together with other detainees. The police forced other Dafa practitioners to shoulder or pull these injured practitioners to move together no matter whether they were doing labor, weeding, eating, washing, or going upstairs or downstairs (many times the police didn't allow practitioners to shoulder other practitioners, but only to pull them). No matter what the age or physical condition of the other Dafa practitioners, they had to shoulder them whenever the police ordered them to do so. Some Dafa practitioners became worn out and developed new diseases. If practitioners made small, careless mistakes and didn't meet the policemen's requirements, the policemen would curse them right away.

On August 9, when policewoman Li Xiujin was on duty, she forced practitioners to do walking drills. She said fiercely, "If you march well, you can finish after practicing a few times. If you cannot do well, you have to walk until 8:00 p.m. and then go to bed directly without washing. Then you have to continue marching tomorrow, and if you still cannot do well, I will tell the next guard to monitor you to walk for a whole day, exposing you to strong sunshine." Police team head Wang Xin and Yu Wenbin forced Dafa practitioners to do these walking drills.

On August 10, policeman Zhang Miao was on duty. In the morning, a practitioner in the No. 8 team needed to go to the toilet but Zhang Miao didn't agree. That practitioner said he could not wait any more, so Zhang Miao woke everyone up to go to the toilet together and also cursed the practitioners. Zhang Miao woke up everyone, but he accused that practitioner, "Everyone has been awakened just because of you. If there are any complaints, you should be the one receiving them." He tried to cause more trouble this way.

On August 12, the labor camp posted polite language for police on the wall, but they still continued using dirty language. For the past few years, Li Xiujin has kept persecuting Dafa practitioners. Policewomen Ying Hong, Zhang Miao, Mu Zhenjuan, and others often cursed and even beat Dafa practitioners. Polite language was almost never heard.

On August 14, policewoman Li Xiujin was on duty. Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Xiuyun wrote down her true thoughts when filling in the form to complete the forced-labor term. When Li Xiujin was about to sign the form, she asked Ms. Li Xiuyun, "If you write this, do you still want to go home?" and then she started to fiercely curse Ms. Li and intimidated her to change it. Otherwise, she would not sign the form and Ms. Li Xiuyun would not be able to go home. Dafa practitioner Li Xiuyun told her, "It is you who are scared." Then policewoman Li Xiuyin said many curse words.

Since the dining hall of the labor camp cooked a mouse in the soup in May, many practitioners didn't want to eat any more. The labor camp was afraid that this might affect production, so they improved the food a little bit for a time. Now the food every day is oily vegetable soup with flies landing on the steamed buns. The tables are dirty and people are not given a chance to wash their hands before eating. Now almost every dinner consists of leftover food, which sometimes smells sour.

In the past few years, the convenience store in the labor camp has participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners and has sold merchandise of poor quality at a high price. The current boss of the convenience store is Shen Li. The labor camp doesn't allow families to bring any food at family meeting time, and only allows them to buy from the convenience store. In the past few years, the persecution has caused many practitioners to lose their jobs, their spouses, their children, and their family members, and to have a difficult life. In the past, the labor camp still gave them a little bit of money for "hygiene expenses," but now practitioners are forced to work without any pay at all. Dafa practitioners can only count on their families' support and savings to give them some money to buy basic necessities. Under such circumstances, the convenience store still utilizes this to make exorbitant profits. The prices for many foods are much higher than the market price.

Dafa practitioners detained at Jiamusi Labor Camp should be bailed out for medical treatment or even be released based simply on their physical condition. Yet the labor camp still detains Dafa practitioners using all kinds of excuses.

Phone numbers:

The No. 8 team of the Jiamusi forced labor camp: 86-454-8891926

Li Xiujin, 86-13845408848 (Cell); her daughter is called Wang Xue who is still studying at grade 2 in the No. 20 Middle School in Jiamusi.

Written on September 4, 2005