(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of June 11th, 1994, Master came to Zhengzhou to teach the Fa and the Falun Gong exercises. He gave a total of ten classes over eight days. In the morning was the general lecture and the evening the first class was held. On June 12th (Sunday) three classes were held from morning until afternoon.

I was in the second year of college and only attended the morning lecture on Sunday because I had an exam the next day.

I was seeking the true meaning of life since I was a child and was continuously hunting for a wise master who can tell me what the true purpose and significance of life is. Before I listened to the Fa, I was doubtful about this course. Other Qigong instructors charge several hundred yuan per class. This course cost only 50 yuan for ten classes. If you had attended earlier classes, the price was only 25 yuan.

During the morning lecture I became more and more certain that Teacher was the master I had been looking for. Even though my mind was poisoned by Communist Party culture and I knew little about divine beings, I believed what Master said must be right. I will follow Master without hesitation for the rest of my life. Master said in the class at Zhengzhou that in the past it would have cost nothing for such a course, but we had to rent the place and pay other fees, so we charge a small sum for the registration fee, which was the lowest among all the Qigong classes.

I had a very good feeling as I listened to the lectures. I had questions in the morning such as, "We need to eliminate all attachments. What about my studies?" "Do I need to go to a temple or deep in the forest to practice?" and other, similar questions. Then, in the evening class Master would address these concerns. I felt then that Master was lecturing specifically to me. When Master talked about "cultivation insanity" I felt I had a very thick hat made of qi on top of my head. When Master talked about the "heavenly circuit," on my way to the classroom I felt I was about to fly up and walk on thin air.

On June 12, after I finished my exam, I hurried to Zhengzhou. I got off the train and in less than ten minutes the clear sky suddenly became cloudy. A strong wind swirled. Rain and hail poured down and lasted for about 20 minutes. It suddenly cleared up again. I found this quite strange. Afterwards I heard from a fellow practitioner that evil came to interfere, and Master stopped the lecture and sat on the table to perform the hand movements to defeat the evil.

In one class, when it was close to the end, a student who sat in an empty spot near Master knelt down in front of him and kowtowed three times. Master told us a short piece of Fa regarding this. He asked students not to do this. In the end he said, "I don't want anything from you but your heart." Many students cried and applauded.

We can feel Master's kindness and mercy.

"Worrying about all things in the human world,
Laboring the heart over hardships in heaven.
Having something to say, telling it to whom?
It's more frigid at high places."

(Hong Yin -"High Places Are Extremely Cold")

From this poem we can sense Master's kind heart and his devotion and determination to save us. In this last period of Fa-rectification, let us all be diligent together and do well on our cultivation path and be Master's good disciples.

Written on Oct. 13, 2005