(Clearwisdom.net) I just learned that Ms. Lu Lihua, one of the many practitioners arrested in Harbin on September 23, 2005, died after nine days of torture. I saw how rampant the authorities were. I also saw the attachments and loopholes of our local group as a whole, which allowed the evil to attack us and brought such big losses to Dafa, fellow practitioners and all sentient beings. The lesson is profound. When the Fa-rectification is almost over, how can we allow the evil to run amok? I would like to give some suggestions to our local fellow practitioners only for their reference.

1. We should calm down and study Fa steadfastly and earnestly. We cannot do Dafa work with our human attachments. We should sincerely bear responsibility for all sentient beings, for Dafa and for ourselves at the same time.

2. All coordinators and fellow practitioners at Falun Dafa truth-clarifying material production sites should find time to study Dafa earnestly, do the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts and clean up all the dying dark minions and rotten ghosts, no matter how much Dafa work you are doing. We cannot regard Dafa work as ordinary people's work.

3. Some practitioners think they have done many projects "for Dafa," so they consider themselves always right and don't listen to other fellow practitioners' ideas. Regarding Dafa work and disagreements between practitioners, they have difficulty working through them from the perspective of cultivation. They handle everything with their human attachments. Sometimes, they behave worse than ordinary people, which is really not right. How much more does our Master endure for our wrongdoings? How many beings are waiting for us to save them? I hope we can learn real lessons and be true practitioners. We should remove all interference from our human attachments and from outside ourselves. We should study earnestly Master's recent comments and articles. Master's articles point out our human attachments and the issues we should examine. However, we weren't clearheaded, and we were irrational. On the path of cultivation, we did not walk righteously.

Let's regard the Fa-rectification more seriously. While clarifying the truth and validating the Fa, we must remember to cultivate ourselves.

October 19, 2005