(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Gong practitioner who has been held in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp many times. When I was at home, I learned that many people knew about the 18 female practitioners imprisoned at Masanjia who were stripped of their clothing and thrown into male criminal cells. That case was widely publicized. But it did not just happen once; it happened at least three times.

At another time, the police took ten female practitioners to Zhangshi Training House. They stripped nine of the ten practitioners and threw them into a cell with men. Another time they stripped four female practitioners and forced them into the men's cells.

During the New Year's celebrations in 2004, Su Jing, the director of the Second Division of the forced labor camp, went to the first floor of the building where practitioners under "special supervision" were held. One of the practitioners in Team 2 was brutally persecuted on two occasions, in 2002 and 2003 respectively. Each time, it was when the labor camp mounted a coordinated attack against steadfast practitioners. The practitioner was denied sleep, had her legs tied into a full-lotus sitting position, and was hung up by the hands, which were cuffed behind her back. As a result, she suffered from hypertension and heart problems. This practitioner said to Su Jing: "Didn't you say that it was a lie that 18 female practitioners were stripped of their clothes and thrown into men's cells? Look at her (pointing to a female practitioner in her thirties in the cell across from her). Was she not one of the practitioners you threw into men's cells?" Su Jing turned around and walked away immediately, without saying a word.

The practitioner she was referring to in the other cell was from Tiefa City in Liaoning Province. It was the sixth time she had been put into the forced labor camp. She has always been steadfast in cultivating Dafa. Each forced labor camp term lasted for a few months. This time she was jailed in October 2004. She kept yelling, "Falun Dafa is good!" She was put into solitary confinement during New Years. Afterwards she could not eat and appeared to be paralyzed. She was released in February 2005.

This practitioner was thrown into the men's cells once, but not among the 18, nor among the 4. It was the other time, when 10 of them were sent to Zhangshi Training House. One of the older ladies was released because she vomited blood. The rest of the nine practitioners were stripped and forced into the men's cells. The police told the male inmates "Don't be too harsh during the day. Be rougher during the night." This female practitioner was beaten so hard that her cheek bone protruded. She had only her underpants on. The police put the electric baton down her pants to shock her.