(Clearwisdom.net) Master said:

"Everything in the world was established and created for the Fa-rectification, and Dafa disciples are the great figures of our time. Since ancient times the beings in all realms have waited in anticipation." (To the European Fa Conference in Stockholm)

Three things that happened around me enhanced my understanding on this paragraph of the Fa:

Practitioner Aunt Zhang lives in a farm village. In the same village there is a person called Lao Zhou, who had just retired from a company in the city. He hardly associated with any farmers. One night, when Aunt Zhang was passing out truth-clarifying VCDs, she put one in front of his door. A few days later, when she was going home after finishing the farm work, Lao Zhou greeted her from very far away with a big smile from his heart. Her heart was very touched by seeing him. Of course Lao Zhou did not know that she was the one who put that VCD in front of his door, but his knowing side knew that she was the savior of his life. It is beyond description how happy he was after he knew the truth.

In the village there is also a factory general manager who is very powerful and influential He is full of bureaucratic airs. Aunt Zhang placed a flier in front of his door too. One day Aunt Zhang went to the factory. When he saw Aunt Zhang, he stood up right away to welcome her with great enthusiasm. She had never seen such a bright smile on his face. Aunt knew that his side that already realized the truth was the one smiling.

Another practitioner, Ms. Sun, lives in a nearby town. One day she went to a free market, where she saw an older lady selling Chinese cabbage. She approached her to buy vegetables and clarified the truth to her. The lady listened quietly the whole time. When Ms. Sun paid, she gave the lady a Dafa amulet as well. She held it with both hands, and looked at it over and over again, then wiped her tears saying, "I have been waiting this for so many years. Why did it take you so long to bring it to me? See these two baskets of vegetables? I'm not going to sell them. Please take them." She also returned the money to Ms. Sun. Of course Ms. Sun wouldn't take back the money or accept anything for free. However she had a deep feeling about this. She understood that these people had all come for the Fa. Since then she has put more effort into clarifying the truth to people.

Aunt Liu is a middle-aged, kind lady. She repairs shoes for a living. One day, I told her the truth while she was repairing my shoes. She asked for 5 VCDs of "The Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party". After I advised her to resign from the CCP, she said she had to quickly tell all her relatives and friends about this big thing.

Today when I saw aunt Liu, she told me that all her relatives liked watching the VCD of The Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party. However, her VCD player broke. After I gave her a booklet, she looked very happy. She carefully saved it and said "This will bring a wonderful future and good fortune to all my relatives."

My fellow practitioners, we need to be more diligent! People are waiting for the great moment of knowing the truth.

October 18, 2005