(Clearwisdom.net) The Huludao Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province, now named the Huludao City Labor Reeducation Administration Institute, is a concentration camp where Falun Gong practitioners are brutally tortured. Right now, about twenty practitioners are still illegally detained there. Practitioner Yang Jiangwei from Suizhong County has been on a hunger strike for more than one hundred days, since July 5, and inmates are assigned to force-feed him on a daily basis.

Practitioner Fan Dezhen from the Yangjiazhangzi Economic Develop Zone in Huludao City was illegally arrested at work on September 17 and sent to the Huludao Forced Labor Camp. He has been on a hunger strike since the abduction. His family went to the labor camp many times but was not allowed to meet with him. This is the second time he was sent to a forced labor camp. Mr. Fan was savagely tortured and is now at the brink of death.

Because the labor camp strictly blocks information, the current conditions of Yang Jiangwei and Fan Dezhen are unknown. Their families and friends are forbidden from visiting them. Following are details:

Thirty-six-year-old Yang Jiangwei is illegally held at Division 1, in the strictly controlled group that holds newly abducted and determined practitioners. It is located in the camp's No. 1 Building. Yang Jiangwei is an employee of the Suizhong County Electric Power Installation Corporation. Because he persisted in practicing Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, he was arrested numerous times in the past six years and was persecuted at the Huludao Forced Labor Camp for nearly five years. In May 2003, Yang Jiangwei was at the brink of death and underwent major surgery. The labor camp authorities forced the doctor to take out the stitches before the wound was healed, and they took Yang Jiangwei back to the labor camp to force-feed him. Yang Jiangwei's father, sister and friend Yao Yanhui went to the labor camp and petitioned for Yang Jiangwei's release on medical parole. The labor camp authorities called the police who arrested the three people. After Yang Jiangwei's release on July 4, 2005, the police went to Yang Jiangwei's place of employment. The perpetrators arrested him, ransacked his home and sent him to the Huludao Forced Labor Camp for the third time.

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 429)

Huludao City Forced Labor Camp
Address: New Longwan District
Zip code: 125000

Shao Shouhua, head of the Judicial Bureau: 3128088 (Office), 3160055 (Home), 13842970888 (Cell)
Yang Haiyan, head of the labor camp: 3960700 (Office), 3128836 (Home), 13604290658 (Cell)
Feng Jichun, deputy head of the labor camp: 3960703 (Office), 3961555 (Home), 13009294692 (Cell)
Wang Shuxiang, Political Secretary: 3960705 (Office), 3960958 (Home), 13304291662 (Cell)
Pang Guodong, deputy head of the labor camp: 3960706 (Office), 3998033 (Home), 13942988577 (Cell)
Yang Shiwei, deputy head of the labor camp: 3960707 (Office), 2129999 (Home), 13188530001 (Cell)
Li Xianguo, head of the Politics Bureau: 3960713 (Office), 2951313 (Home), 13304293117 (Cell)
Fan Yongjie, head of the Life Hygiene Section, former deputy head of the division that persecutes Falun Gong: 3960717 (Office), 2137692 (Home), 13050989626 (Cell)
Wang Dazhu, labor camp doctor: 3960781 (Office), 13052675556 (Cell)
Gao Guirong, labor camp doctor, responsible for force-feeding: 3183344 (Office), 13009286525 (Cell)

Aside from Division 2, all the groups and divisions listed below detain Falun Gong practitioners:
Meng Qinghua, head of Division 1: 3960768(Office), 3124991(Home), 13998998689 (Cell)
Wang Shengli, political head: 3960760 (Office), 13309894445 (Cell)
Ji Chengguo, deputy group head: 2071256 (Office), 8820769 (Home)
Liu Haihou, team leader: 13130988967 (Cell)
Yang Guohua, division head: 3960776 (Office)

Division 2
Wang Weizhen, head: 3960725 (Office), 3960788 (Home) 13500454777 (Cell)
Ding Wenxue, political head, former deputy head of the division that persecutes Falun Gong: 3960797 (Office) 13842978698 (Cell)

Division 4
Yang Yanguo, head: 3960711 (Office), 3960739 (Home), 13009294598 (Cell)
Chen Jiuyi, political head: 3960724 (Office), 3183221 (Home), 13898912399(Cell)

Division 5
Cui Xiaodong, head: 13309893088 (Cell)
Kong Lingwen, political head: 3960995 (Office), 13998972868 (Cell)
Fei Bingkun, group head: 13009294103 (Cell)

Division 6
Liu Guohua, head, leading perpetrator at labor camp: 3960996 (Office), 13352399697 (Cell)
Song Yunbin, political head: 2132658 (Office), 13352394866 (Cell)
Qi Zhiping, deputy head: 3960727 (Office), 13998960668 (Cell)
Wang Yongming, group head: 3960738 (Office), 13019982386 (Cell)

Watch Division
Zhao Xizhi, division head: 3960718 (Office), 3960791 (Home), 13309891238 (Cell)
Guo Aimin, deputy head: 3960733 (Office), 13842948558 (Cell)