(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, serious persecution has occurred in areas all over China. As a result, the fellow practitioner coordinating our area started emphasizing security issues and notified every Fa-study group to stop studying as a group and instead keep in contact on a personal level. As a Dafa practitioner upholding my responsibility to Dafa and fellow practitioners, I feel that I should offer my opinion on this situation. Fellow practitioners, please point out with compassion anything unrighteous in my thoughts.

When serious persecution occurs, many of our fellow practitioners frequently blame a certain coordinator or several practitioners who made some mistakes. They should instead try to understand, with a Dafa mindset, why persecution happened in the local area and how they should look inside themselves to find and mend any of their own problems or shortcomings.

Many serious rounds of persecutions in the past occurred at times when a large number of practitioners deviated from Dafa as a whole. Some of the severe persecution that occurred recently sprouted from the same kind of situation. When discussing these situations, practitioners should show concern for other practitioners caught in the persecution.

We should realize that sometimes problems actually originate from ourselves. Not only did we not realize the source of the problem, but some of us, affected by the human mentality, also blindly helped the unrighteous factors. Many of our fellow practitioners emphasize others' mistakes, without thinking about the roles they themselves played and what responsibilities they should take as Dafa practitioners.

Some other practitioners indeed realized and saw the problem as a whole, however, they didn't uphold their responsibility to Dafa in trying to prevent the persecution or correcting mistakes. Instead, they only gossiped prior to the intensified persecution and commented about it when it was too late. We are Dafa disciples in the critical period of Fa-rectification, and each of us has the responsibility to safeguard Dafa. We should not shift this divine duty to a certain coordinator or any other practitioner who is doing a lot of truth clarification work.

As Dafa practitioners, we should carefully contemplate why such serious persecution occurred today even when little evil is left. Is it actually a sign for us to make progress? Recently, many practitioners, when sharing their experiences, said that every one of us is a coordinator, but Dafa does not have any coordinators at all. However, what is the actual situation? Many practitioners didn't realize the true meaning of this sentence from the aspect of the Fa.

Teacher said, in the "Talk in Guangzhou to Some Assistance Center Heads From Around the Country" (Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa),

"Since they began to memorize the book, instead of measuring themselves [against the Fa] after doing something, the students know beforehand whether they should do something. This is excellent."

If each of us could reach the level that Teacher wants of us, would we have, intentionally or unintentionally, fueled the human mentalities of our coordinators? If each of us does our job according to Dafa principles, aren't we all coordinators? We should never follow another practitioner instead of the Fa. If we do, we not only interfere with our fellow practitioners, but also ourselves.