In May 2000, I was illegally imprisoned in the Chenzhou First Detention Center in Hunan Province. One of the inmates there was a small, thin girl about 15 years old. She was always crying and acting peevishly. She refused to work: we were forced to string together colored light bulbs for Christmas decorations. All of the inmates there disliked her. They beat her, cursed her and even forced her to kneel down on broken pieces of light bulbs, causing her knees to bleed , but nothing could make the girl behave better.

Later on, many other practitioners were imprisoned there. They clarified the truth about Falun Gong and taught the inmates how to be good people by following the principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. After learning about Dafa, this young girl changed very quickly. When practitioners were doing the exercises, she would try to follow along on the side. She also showed deep regret for all of the mistakes she had made before.

This girl had lost her natural mother when she was very small. She could not get along with her stepmother, so she left home at the age of 12 and set out to make her own way. She became very wild and learned many bad habits including smoking, drinking, fighting and even using drugs.

She was in jail this time for selling the infant that she was baby-sitting for a family in Chenzhou to another family in other city, because the seven-month-old baby cried too much and became difficult for the girl to handle. However, after observing the worry and anxiety of the baby's parents, this girl's conscience was moved. She then took the police to help to get the baby back and was detained as a consequence. She had been imprisoned for more than four months and nobody had ever looked into her case.

On one fine and sunny day, the girl asked a practitioner to teach her to read and write. After a few days of hard work she laboriously wrote a sentence with the words she had learned: "I want to practice Falun Dafa." The practitioners who were present were all moved to tears.

Before long Tang Xiaohong, the prison guard in charge of the female cells, learned about this and called the girl to her office. "You are not allowed to practice Falun Gong! If you continue I will handcuff you!" For the first time in years, the girl spoke very politely and sincerely, "Officer Tang, you know very well what kind of attitude I used to have and how bad a person I was before. You can see with your own eyes that I am really a different and much better person now. Why don't you let me practice?"

When the girl was doing the exercises again, Tang Xiaohong and two other guards came and really did put the girl in handcuffs. Tang said, "When you promise not to do the exercises, then you then can ask to have the handcuffs removed." On that day when the girl closed her eyes, she saw Master in his yellow kasaya sitting in the double lotus position, watching her with a smile. She also saw that colorful Faluns were flying around her.

The girl repeatedly requested to have the handcuffs removed but the guards ignored her. She then went on a hunger strike to protest and to uphold her rights. Everybody in the cell was shocked that this girl, who was so young and had been so cynical, could have so much courage and determination.

The next day, the girl felt very uncomfortable and vomited a lot of yellow liquid. She told us that Master was even much more uncomfortable because she saw our Master in his yellow kasaya sitting in the double lotus position on both sides of her. (One of Master's law bodies sat on one side and another sat on her other side.) The difference was that Master's body was densely covered by many nails of different sizes. On the third day, she sweated intensely and her heart beat so fast it seemed it would jump out of her body. She saw that there seemed to be fewer nails in Master's body. On the fourth day, she felt very cold, chilled to bone. She was totally exhausted, so we held her tightly. She said in a very weak voice that there were only a few nails left in Master's body. We strongly demanded that the guard unlock the handcuffs from this girl. But Tang Xiaohong was not moved at all.

On the fifth day, Liu, the chief of the prison, came to visit the girl and told the guards, "Let this girl go immediately. She is very lucky!" (According to the gravity of the crime that this girl had committed, she could have been sentenced to a forced labor camp.) Everybody in the cell was very happy for her. After the girl finished checking out, she came back to say good-bye to us. She asked us not to worry about her because she said she would be steadfast in her cultivation and would be a really good person!

October 13, 2005