(Clearwisdom.net) On October 15, 2005, French Falun Gong practitioners held an activity at Place Gambetta, outside the civic centre in Paris's 20th district.

People sign the petition one by one to oppose the persecution

People sign the petition one by one to oppose the persecution

The peaceful music and a demonstration of the five sets of Falun Gong exercises attracted the attention of many passers-by who stopped to watch. The practitioners gave out many flyers describing the practice of Falun Gong and exposing the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) cruel persecution of practitioners. In the six years that this persecution has lasted, how many innocent Falun Gong practitioners have been inhumanely murdered by the CCP just because they do exercises to keep fit and strive to improve their moral character? Their partners were separated from them, their children scattered, their families broken and their friends and relatives forced to suffer. After understanding the truth, many kind-hearted French citizens condemned this heartless suppression.

Practitioners demonstrate the exercise

After finding out about the wicked persecution in China, one gentleman immediately signed the petition to oppose the persecution. He said that this suppression is too shocking to hear about. He also said, "I originally planned to take a holiday in China, but now I'm going somewhere else." Indeed, no one would be interested in traveling to a country which violates basic human rights and where good people are being cruelly persecuted.

Another gentleman was clearly infuriated by the CCP's human rights abuses. He frowned and said, "This persecution is simply too shameful." He expressed his appreciation for the practitioners' activity because only this way can people see through the CCP's lies and no longer be deceived.

Leaflets tell people about the persecution happening in China

In actuality, even children know that victimizing good people is definitely wrong. A primary school pupil with his bag on his back said, while signing the petition to call for an end to the persecution: "We all know that in China there have always been all kinds of persecution. We learned that in school!" After signing his name, he lifted his face and said to the practitioners, "But don't you worry, China will become better some day. I like China a lot!"

Indeed, we all like China. The suppression will eventually end, and justice will reign in the world.

Source: http://clearharmony.net/articles/200510/29490.html