Fa-rectification has come to the last stage. However, some fellow practitioners died of illnesses and some are still suffering from sickness. This is really a sad phenomenon. We are now in the period of Fa-rectification. We should deal with sickness karma from the perspective of Fa-rectification instead of handling it with the standards of personal cultivation.

Many practitioners suffering from persecution in the form of sickness still have the mentality we had during the period of personal cultivation. They think that they are eliminating sickness karma and therefore they should endure it. They send forth righteous thoughts and study the Fa for the purpose of recovering from illnesses. Aren't you following the path arranged by the old forces? It arranged sickness for you and you endured it in order to get rid of the sickness karma. What's more, you regarded it as a test to upgrade your xinxing. When you cannot pass the test, you should try to find out the reason. If you keep thinking that it is an issue of xinxing that you cannot pass the test of sickness karma, then your xinxing has not upgraded yet because you do not understand that the tribulation is due to persecution by the old forces.

When suffering from "sickness" we should send forth righteous thoughts and eliminate the rotten spirits, the evil specter of Communism and other elements that keep pushing black energy towards our body. When those things are eradicated, the sickness demon is gone. The reason for this persecution is to stop us from doing the three things well. We should not acknowledge it. Instead, we should firmly do well the three things, overcome the pain and follow the path that Master has arranged for us. Not only should we not acknowledge the path that the old forced arranged for us, but we should also eliminate it. We eliminate whoever spreads sickness karma to our body.

When many fellow practitioners find it hard or cannot pass the test of sickness karma even though they have sent forth righteous thoughts, they try to find out the reason. Yet they still cannot pass the test even though they have found out lots of human attachments. It is because you are attached to passing the test. The more you want to pass it, the harder for you to pass, the more you attach to it. Only when you give up the thought of passing the test, can you really pass it.

September 8, 2005