A few days ago I was exchanging experiences with an elderly practitioner. The practitioner mentioned that the postal service had become stricter in examining shipments. People had given feedback saying that letters containing truth-clarifying materials had not been received. After the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, letters, media materials and other items all came under careful inspection.

The practitioner prepared letters to be mailed, letters persuading people to be good, documents telling people to quit the Communist Party, and other truth-clarifying materials. He took the opportunity when visiting a friend to enter the city justice department. The practitioner kept sending forth righteous thoughts along the way, and went upstairs without being questioned by anyone at the justice department.

The practitioner delivered letters and documents to the office of the chief of the justice department, and left materials in some other offices as well. The friend also received the truth-clarifying letter in his office, delivered by inter-department mail. The whole process was smooth and everything was done swiftly. The elderly practitioner felt someone was pushing from behind while climbing the stairs.

The practitioner also told me that we cannot wait. We must figure out ways to save people. We cannot be stuck with only one approach. Only when saving people without human attachment can we achieve good results. When clarifying the truth, we have to pour our heart into to saving those who anxiously wait for our help, and accomplish our important mission of helping saving people.

September 28, 2005