1. Propaganda Poisons the Public

Days before China's National Day, October 1, 2005, the 610 Office in Mengyin County, Shandong Province posted slogans that read "oppose cults, maintain stability, promote progress" and printed a colored pamphlet entitled "Achievements of Chinese Communist Party's Mengyin County 610 Office." Several hundred copies were printed by the 610 Office and the local police. This pamphlet bragged about the 610 Office's "political achievements" in persecuting Falun Gong since July 20, 1999.

This pamphlet slanders Falun Gong and says that the Shandong provincial government and Communist Party Committee recognized the local 610 Office as "Shandong Province's Advanced Group for Fighting Falun Gong" and "Shandong Province's Advanced Group for Anti-Cult Education Organization." Mengyin County has sentenced over forty Falun Gong practitioners to forced labor and detained over one hundred others.

This 610 Office has heavily fined Falun Gong practitioners, but no official figure of fines is found in the pamphlet. In most brainwashing sessions, every practitioner is fined between 3,000 and 10,000 yuan. If the average fine is 5,000 yuan, the 610 Office has plundered over 24 million yuan from practitioners during the past six years. This estimate does not account for practitioners' wages that the 610 Office has withheld and personal property confiscated from practitioners.

The pamphlet does not mention the wrongful deaths of practitioners Zhang Dezhen and Liu Shufen at the hands of the 610 Office.

2. High-pressure Persecution

On September 18, 2005, practitioner Shi Shaoxin from Taoqu Town, Mengyin County was arrested. Police confiscated over 7000 yuan in cash and over 8000 yuan in bank deposits. The 610 Office also confiscated Shi's Dafa books. His wife had to leave the house, and his ten-year-old child was left alone at home. Shi's quarry in Zhujiapu was shut down.

On September 20 the 610 Office arrested Zhang Yuanlan from the Mengyin County Pharmaceutical Company and confiscated her Dafa books.

On the same day, the 610 Office arrested practitioner Ji Feng and his non-practitioner wife Bao Fengying in Mengyin County. Ji worked in the local meat processing plant. The 610 officials confiscated Ji's Dafa materials and 4,000-5,000 yuan in cash. Ji's relatives could not get in touch with him for an entire day. They went to check on Ji's home on September 21 and found the door locked. Neighbors did not know where Ji had been taken. The relatives climbed over the wall and found the house in a mess. It looked as if the house was robbed. Because the relatives knew Ji Feng practices Falun Gong, they went to the county 610 Office and found Ji there. Fengying, Ji's non-practitioner wife, was also arrested as an "accomplice" and detained in the 610 Office for three days.

On September 21, Liu Zhihou, a retiree of the First Experimental Elementary School in Mengyin County, was arrested by the 610 Office.

On September 23, Li Zongping of Pugou Village, Mengyin Town was arrested. The 610 officers confiscated Li's Dafa materials. Li' s wife left home in a hurry before the officers could arrest her.

Practitioner Gong in Qutao Town was also arrested by the 610 Office.

The six Falun Gong practitioners mentioned above are illegally detained in the Mengyin County 610 Office. Their families are not allowed to visit them.

3. CCP Intensifies the Persecution

Much of the persecution against Falun Gong is carried out covertly, and practitioners are arrested and sentenced secretly.

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 610 officers plotted to illegally arrest Falun Gong practitioners in Mengyin Town. These officers visited practitioners in Mengyin and Changlu. In the days leading up to National Day, 610 officers and police began arresting practitioners.

The 610 Office also established a so-called responsibility system, in which other government agencies cooperate with the 610 Office in persecuting Falun Gong. Cui Huadong, the director of the Mengyin County 610 Office, oversaw the arrest of practitioners in Mengyin and neighboring towns.

Contact information for 610 Office officials:

Zhu Chongbao, deputy secretary of the Mengyin County Communist Party Committee, is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong
Li Youcheng, secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-539-4272923 (Office)
Cui Huadong, director of the County 610 Office: 86-539-4811681 (Office)
Bian Dayong, deputy chief of the County Police Department: 86-539-4271781 (transfer to the chief's office)
Gong Fangliang, director of the Mengcheng Town Police Station

Jiao Yuxiang, Fang Simin, Wang Xin, Sun Shu'ai Fu Shoufang, Lei Xingfang

Officials in the Mengyin County Police Department: Zhang Yong (director), Wang Wei, Liu Zhaoguo